E. Jean Carroll

E. Jean Carroll Could Sue Trump Again After Michigan Rally

E. Jean Carroll Could Sue Trump Again After Michigan Rally

Donald Trump already owes E. Jean Carroll almost $90 million, but that didn't stop him from defaming her again at…

5 days ago

Alina Habba Messed With E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer And Could Be Facing Sanctions

Alina Habba tried to get the E. Jean Carroll verdict dismissed by filing a baseless attack on Carroll's lawyer, Roberta…

3 weeks ago

E. Jean Carroll Devastates Trump In Rachel Maddow Interview

E. Jean Carroll called Trump a walrus and said that he is nothing and nothing for America to be afraid…

3 weeks ago

Rachel Maddow Lands Exclusive Interview With E. Jean Carroll

If you are wondering why E. Jean Carroll hasn't been doing cable news interviews, she'll be sitting down with Rachel…

4 weeks ago

Things Are So Bad That Even Sean Hannity Doesn’t Defend Trump After E. Jean Carroll Verdict

The E. Jean Carroll verdict was so bad for Trump that Sean Hannity pretended like it didn't exist and didn't…

4 weeks ago

Trump Blames Biden For $83 Million E. Jean Carroll Verdict

Trump's first response to a jury awarding E. Jean Carroll more than $83 million is to blame President Joe Biden…

4 weeks ago

Big Win for E. Jean Carroll as Jury Awards Her $83.3 Million in Trump Defamation Suit

A Manhattan federal jury awarded E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in her Trump defamation suit on Friday.

4 weeks ago

Judge Kaplan Shuts Down Alina Habba’s Attempt to Gaslight About Trump Being Found Liable for Rape

Judge Kaplan shut down Trump lawyer Alina Habba as she tried to gaslight about the established fact that E. Jean…

4 weeks ago

Trump’s E. Jean Carroll Testimony Was A 3 Minute Disaster

Trump demanded to testify in the second E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit, but his entire testimony lasted for 3 minutes.

4 weeks ago

Stephen Colbert Says Trump Should Be In Prison For Raping E. Jean Carroll

Stephen Colbert said Trump should be in prison for being found to have raped E. Jean Carroll during his monologue…

1 month ago

Trump Looks Embalmed As He Melts Down And Attacks E. Jean Carroll Judge

Trump delivered remarks to reporters and attacked the judge in the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial while looking embalmed.

1 month ago

Judge Kaplan Shuts Down Trump’s Rule Breaking Lawyer Habba At E. Jean Carroll Trial

At Trump's apparent direction, his lawyer, Alina Habba, keeps violating the rules laid out by Judge Kaplan for the second…

1 month ago

Opening Statements In The Second E. Jean Carroll Trial Were A Disaster For Trump

Donald Trump keeps defaming E. Jean Carroll. Each time she sues him, the outcome looks worse for the former president.

1 month ago

Trump’s Presidential Immunity Defense Suffers Devastating Defeat

A federal court ruled that Donald Trump can't claim presidential immunity to avoid E. Jean Carroll lawsuit. This is the…

2 months ago

E. Jean Carroll Wins Again As Federal Judge Finds Trump Made Libelous Statements

A federal judge has ruled that Donald Trump made libelous statements against E. Jean Carroll in 2019.

6 months ago

Federal Judge Throws Out Trump’s Countersuit Against E. Jean Carroll

A federal judge has tossed out Trump's countersuit of E. Jean Carroll over Carroll saying that Trump raped her.

7 months ago

You Can Now Legally Call Donald Trump A Rapist

Not only did Trump lose his appeal of the E. Jean Carroll verdict, but Judge Kaplan wrote that the jury…

7 months ago

DOJ Dumps Trump In E. Jean Carroll Federal Defamation Suit

The Department of Justice has officially filed with the court not to represent Donald Trump in E. Jean Carroll's federal…

8 months ago

DOJ Signals They May Dump Trump In E. Jean Carroll Suit

In a new letter, the DOJ argues that E. Jean Carroll's amended defamation complaint renders their position moot on the…

9 months ago

Relentless E. Jean Carroll Comes After Trump For More Defamation Damages After CNN Town Hall

E. Jean Carroll has amended her defamation lawsuit to include more defamatory statements that Trump made about her during his…

9 months ago

All CNN’s Town Hall Really Did Was Possibly Get Trump Sued

Trump's CNN town hall didn't deliver big ratings, but it did potentially get him a new defamation suit from E.…

10 months ago

Trump’s Lawyer Holds Disastrous Press Conference After The E. Jean Carroll Verdict

The best thing that Trump's lawyer Joe Tacopina could say about the E. Jean Carroll verdict was that he was…

10 months ago

Trump Found To Have Sexually Abused And Defamed E. Jean Carroll

A jury has found that Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll and defamed her, and has awarded Carroll roughly $5…

10 months ago

Trump Got Shredded In E. Jean Carroll Rape Trial Closing Arguments

Trump's past behavior and statements were used against him as lawyers for E. Jean Carroll delivered closing arguments in her…

10 months ago

Here Is The Moment When Trump May Have Lost The E. Jean Carroll Rape Trial

E. Jean Carroll's lawyers used a critical moment from Trump's deposition that might have lost the former president his rape…

10 months ago

Trump Isn’t Putting On A Defense Case At E. Jean Carroll Rape Trial

Trump's lawyers announced that they will not be putting on a defense case at the E. Jean Carroll civil rape…

10 months ago

Judge Warns Trump Could Face Charges For Jury Tampering In E. Jean Carroll Case

The judge presiding over E. Jean Carroll's rape lawsuit against Donald Trump warned the former president that he could be…

10 months ago

Trump Gets No Shield From E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit

A federal appeals court declined to rule on the question of whether Trump's alleged defamation of E. Jean Carroll was…

11 months ago

E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyers Ask Judge To Release Trump’s Deposition

E. Jean Carroll's lawyers have asked the judge hearing her civil rape case against Trump to release his deposition in…

1 year ago

Trump Suffers Resounding Loss In E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit

Trump tried to hide behind New York's anti-SLAPP law but was shot down by a judge in the E. Jean…

2 years ago

AG Merrick Garland Defends Himself From Democratic Criticism Over Decision to Have DOJ Defend Trump

Donald Trump is now out of the White House. That means that he is no longer protected from lawsuits and…

3 years ago

Legal Team for E. Jean Carroll Moves to Block Justice Department’s Interference in Case Against Trump

The legal team for journalist E. Jean Carroll, who last year accused President Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in…

3 years ago