Biden’s Easter Message Is Hope And Class As Trump Melts Down

Biden’s Easter Message Is Hope And Class As Trump Melts Down

President Biden issued an Easter message that spoke of hope, joy, renewal, and rebirth, as Trump melted down at Mar-a-Lago.

11 months ago

Even On Easter “What’s Happening In America Is An Embarrassment”

"We sincerely tried our best to create a fun, free activity for everyone to enjoy; but the good intent quickly…

8 years ago

While Israelis Terrorize Christians, Evangelicals Accuse Obama Of Persecuting Christ

What the evangelical right never, never ever, talks about is the persecution, barbarism, and hatred targeting Christians at the hands…

9 years ago

President Obama Refuses To Let His Faith Be Tarnished By The Broad Brush Of GOP Hate

President Obama used the Easter Prayer Breakfast this Tuesday morning to affirm the positive teachings of Christ, while condemning the…

9 years ago

Jesus Respected Women – the GOP Just Wants to Screw Them

Jesus valued women and saw the need for money. Republicans value money and see little need for women beyond the…

9 years ago

Todd Starnes Says Muslim Holy Days in Public Schools Persecute Christians

It is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with somebody who wants a holiday which falls in the fall to…

9 years ago

Editorial Cartoon: Happy Easter, Everyone

Bishop Tom Gumbleton of Detroit reminded Bill Day that God and Jesus are love. Bill wishes for everyone to follow…

10 years ago

Unaware He Was a Christian Activist, the Right Freaks Over Chavez Easter Google Doodle

Cesar Chavez was a Christian activist, basing his civil rights rallies upon Jesus' example of achieving social justice through non-violence,…

11 years ago

For America’s Hidden Hungry Children and Adults This Won’t Be a Happy Easter

There are millions of Americans who will seek out real Easter eggs to feed their children, wait for their $189…

11 years ago

Corporate Media Lets Christian Leaders Use Easter Airtime to Attack Obama

The corporate media allowed two Christian leaders to take over the Easter Sunday morning airwaves in order to launch a…

12 years ago

Crucifixion and Resurrection: The Republican Warping of Christ’s Moral Lessons

Republicans have turned rejecting Christ's admonition to help the poor into a requirement for being a good American.

12 years ago

All In, Balls Out for Easter

Easter isn't just about Jesus but a Heathen fertility goddess named Eostre and the bunnies aren't about resurrection but fertility,…

12 years ago