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Opinion: Hateful GOP Belief That Americans Are Lazy Drives Resistance To Providing Coronavirus Relief

Are the majority of Americans lazy and averse to work? Would they prefer not to work and to enjoy a…

3 years ago

U.S. Senate Sells Out American Workers By Passing Fast Track Trade Bill 62-37

A Trade Promotion Authority bill passed the U.S. Senate 62-37 Friday night, with 48 Republicans and 14 Democrats voting for…

8 years ago

Debunking A Union-Hating, Walker-Loving Columnist

Another syndicated scribe has taken to slashing and burning unions. He's a Tribune News Service columnist. Just another highly paid,…

8 years ago

Obama Challenges Congress to Follow His Lead and Raise the Minimum Wage

President Obama tells the people to ask their representatives why Congress won't raise the minimum wage for everyone, after he…

9 years ago

ALEC Spearheads Effort To Steal From Employees to Give to Corporations

There is a concerted effort to raid public sector employee pensions to give corporations and the wealthy tax breaks that…

9 years ago

Senator Elizabeth Warren And The New Economic Populism

Will Senator Elizabeth Warren's political economic populist movement change US economics and politics now and in the future?

9 years ago

ALEC Continues to Push Failed Market-Based Educational Reforms

Market-based educational reform is an utter failure, and yet we still can't shake the nasty remnants of its bad policy…

10 years ago

Obama Has Put Republicans In a No Win Position With Offer To Cut Corporate Taxes

President Obama is putting Republicans in a no-win position with the public by proposing to cut the corporate tax rate…

10 years ago

The Koch Puppet Governors Continue to Dance for Their Masters as Rome Burns

A carefully planned, long term campaign to subvert democracy is the sole intention of GOP governors, ALEC, and their puppet…

10 years ago

Obama’s Healthy Economic Path Would Create a Million More Jobs Than Romney 2013

Most Republicans would rather we completely forget how bad the economy was in 2008, yet have nominated someone who will…

10 years ago