The Republican Championed Simpson-Bowles Budget Plan Is Based on Flawed Data

Simpson-Bowles learned their austerity policy is based on flawed data, but they are still using the erroneous information to argue for austerity.

Republican Economic Ignorance Is Pushing America Off The Austerity Cliff

For the past two years under Republican rule, America relinquished its leadership position to Europe and became a devotee of austerity economics and followed the Eurozone into economic contraction.

Fitch Ratings Shoots Down Every Republican Talking Point on the Debt Ceiling

Fitch ratings poked a huge hole in Republican talking points by warning that using the debt ceiling as a mechanism for fiscal discipline is ineffective and potentially dangerous.

The Right to Work Shot Heard Around the World Won’t End Well for Conservatives

Unions are a part of capitalism; they are one of the self-regulating forces that can serve to keep 'too-big-to-fail' at bay. They are a check on absolute power.

Minimum Wage Study Torpedoes another Right Wing Talking Point

A study released by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), however, shows that it is big corporations not small businesses that benefit from low-wage workers

While the Unemployed Suffer: The Immorality of The Bush Tax Cuts

It is morally and economically reprehensible that Republicans consider giving tax breaks to rich people who return 30 cents on every dollar to the economy, but refuse to extend unemployment benefits to hardworking Americans who will return $1.60 for every dollar they get. It is not difficult to understand the moral and economic ramifications unless you are a Republican.