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Trump Lauds Murderous Tyrants

Trump’s Economy Approval Rating Drops Below 50% For The First Time In 3 Years

More and more Americans are losing confidence in President Donald Trump’s ability to handle the economy, according to the latest Gallup poll that found his economic approval rating has dropped to 47 percent in June, a 16-point decrease from numbers reported at the beginning of the year. The poll was the first to show an…


Dr. Fauci on Social Distancing Protests: Reopening the Economy Too Soon Will ‘Backfire’

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that reopening the country prematurely will backfire. He was responding to recent protests against social distancing measures in some states. Fauci spoke to Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos  on Monday. He didn’t criticize the protests directly but his message to those opposed to Coronavirus restrictions was clear. “Clearly this is something that…


Trump Failed to Consult Every Member of Coronavirus Task Force About Relaxing Social Distancing Measures

President Donald Trump did not consult every member of the Coronavirus task force before sending a letter about potentially relaxing social distancing measures. CNN’s Jim Acosta reported on Thursday that President Trump sent a letter to governors about easing restrictions without showing the letter to the entire group of experts. “Not all Coronavirus task force…


People Won’t Let Larry Kudlow Forget He Insisted Coronavirus Will Have “Minimal Impact” on Economy

The coronavirus outbreak is officially a global pandemic, and policy experts around the world are expressing significant concern over how the virus, which has claimed 4,729 lives worldwide according to the most recent official count, will impact global economies. White House Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow’s old statements have come back to haunt him in…


With 14 American Deaths Reported So Far, Trump ‘Likes’ That Coronavirus Could Be Good For The Economy, In Some Ways

President Donald Trump certainly likes to spin news headlines to create an image that is favorable to him. That’s a mighty difficult thing to do during a global outbreak in which coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected hundreds of thousands of lives, and resulted in the deaths of thousands across the globe. Trump tried, nonetheless, on…


It’s the Stupid Economy: Why Income Inequality Ought To Be This Election’s Hot Topic

The health of an economy should correlate directly to the health of the people living within it, not to their economic impoverishment. Bernie Sanders’ socialist presence in the presidential primary mix as well as populist sentiment brewing on both sides of the political aisle promise, hopefully, to keep the much-needed conversation on income inequality front…

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