Greg Abbott: Texas Could Challenge SCOTUS Ruling That States Must Educate All, Including the Undocumented

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced that his administration could challenge a Supreme Court ruling that states must provide education…

7 months ago

Florida Joins the List of GOP-led States Banning Critical Race Theory

Back in September, two months before losing the election to Joe Biden, when Donald Trump was repeating the fallacy either…

1 year ago

WATCH: Comic Amber Ruffin Shuts Down Right Wing Critical Race Theory Critics

On Friday, host and comedy writer Amber Ruffin used her "How did we get here?" segment to respond to Critical Race…

1 year ago

Are Conservatives About to Beat Liberals on Education?

Will conservatives actually manage to get out ahead? Our edited conversation is below…you be the judge.

2 years ago

Trump Can’t Stop Lying About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Education

During his recent rallies it seems that Donald Trump has absolutely no idea of who he's running against. Last week,…

2 years ago

Betsy DeVos: We Need to Reopen In-Person Learning in “Every Possible Situation”

Parents across America would like to get their children back to school, but also do so in a safe way.…

2 years ago

Ivanka Trump’s Answer to Student Debt Crisis: Make it Harder for People to Attend College

The proposal Ms. Trump celebrated and the budget the President proposed, both calling for severe reductions in the funds available…

4 years ago

A Look Inside A State Democratic Convention A.K.A. Vote for Colbert Busch Tomorrow

There's a lot of listening, clapping and jumping up and down at a Democratic state convention. Other than that, very…

10 years ago

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Shows What A Democrat Has To Do to Win in the South

Elizabeth Colbert Busch had to try to appeal to Democrats, Republicans and Independents in her Monday night debate with Mark…

10 years ago

What You Need To Know For the Elizabeth Colbert Busch/ Mark Sanford Debate

This evening at the Citadel, the two candidates for the SC District 1 Congressional seat, will debate for an hour…

10 years ago

It Is Time For Democratic Women to Usurp the Power of Male Republicans

By any measure, America is in decline. The fault lies almost completely with male Republicans. Democratic women must usurp the…

10 years ago

Mark Sanford’s Very Republican God Redeems His Career: He Is Forgiven So You Must Forget

Former Congressman and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is about as immoral and unethical as they get, but God is…

10 years ago

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, the GOP’s New, Kinda New and Old Voices

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin seem to have captured the spirit of the current crop of Republicans; still…

10 years ago

Powerful Democratic Operatives in D.C. Help South Carolina Republicans Retain Control

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison is a powerful lobbyist for the Podesta Group. He's about to become the Chairman of…

10 years ago

What the DINOs In The Senate Have Really Cost Us

The five Democrats who killed the assault weapons ban will further embolden the million caliber wackjobs to make this the…

10 years ago

ALEC Education Bill Hides Privatization Behind a Reading Skills Disguise

An increasing number of states have passed a bill whose main component is increasing reading skills. It's really another privatizing…

10 years ago

Sit on Your Ass and Watch Democracy Pass: People Need to Act Not Just Talk

The legislation being proposed by the GOP House is pathetic. Yet, little is heard from Democratic constituents. Activism is the…

10 years ago

The Bill to Fund the Government Is the Latest Bit of Stand-up Comedy From House Republicans

The primary purpose of House Bill 933 is to perpetuate the bloat of the defense budget and decimate domestic programs.

10 years ago

A Tea Party Texas Congressman wants to take a six-shooter to Sharia law

Texas Republican Representative, Louie Gohmert is convinced Sharia law is trying to take over the U.S. legal system. So, he's…

10 years ago

Chris Christie Sells Himself as a Moderate, but That’s Not Even Close to True

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and presidential hopeful has been casting himself as a jolly moderate. I invite you to…

10 years ago