Did Conservatives Kill School Busing Because It Was Actually Working?

As the successes of school busing have been forgotten, maligned, and legally deterred, school segregation has become the norm again

Texas Republicans Would Murder Truth – And the Biblically Unapproved

The Texas gubernatorial race features very little science and more than a little bloodshed

Mike Huckabee Complains Teaching Kids Basic Anatomy is Indoctrination

Mike Huckabee feels that teaching children basic anatomy, that all living things reproduce, and inappropriate touching, is indoctrination

Tony Perkins Warns Against Indoctrination at Government-Run Schools

Tony Perkins wants you to worry about your child being brainwashed by the "radical teachers" that "infest" our public schools.

ALEC Continues to Push Failed Market-Based Educational Reforms

Market-based educational reform is an utter failure, and yet we still can't shake the nasty remnants of its bad policy influence

Criminalizing Students Cripples Their Future and Lines the Pockets of the Corrections Industry

The alarming trend of criminalizing youth will only lead to increased criminal behavior, but the prison industry is eager for the business

Al Franken Leads Bipartisan Effort Pushing Bill To Disclose The True Cost of College

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) has reintroduced his bill that would require schools to use a universal financial aid award letter, so that students and families will know how much college will truly cost.

Republicans Use the Deficit As an Excuse to Cut Food and Health Care for Children

Republicans who are now worried sick about America's children's future, have already taken care to assure future generations will stay mired in poverty and ignorance.

Republicans Use Taxpayer Dollars to Insert Religion into Public Education

There is a growing movement to insert religion into the education system using taxpayer dollars.

Republicans Turn Charter School Officials Into the New Robber Barons

School privatization is the new Gold Rush. There is money to be made in them there hills. And charter schools are the the Republican hammer to be used to prise it out of our hands.

Obama Asks Romney How Many Teachers’ Jobs Are Worth Tax Cuts For Millionaires?

President Obama asked Mitt Romney the fundamental question of this election. Obama asked Romney. 'How many teachers' jobs are worth tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires?

Louisiana School Voucher Decision Banishes Children to the Bronze Age

Rather than fixing its troubled public school system, Louisiana will remove standards and replace modern science with Bronze Age belief

Public Schools Face a New Nemesis in Parent Trigger Laws

Parent trigger laws are being pushed by ALEC and other right wing groups to allow parents to essentially 'fire' a public school, with the potential to make them into private, charter schools.

The Dirty Thirty – Occupy May Day Edition

Look at all the things wrong in America right now and then look at the GOP solutions since 2010. You will see they have no intention of fixing any real problems

Not All Tax Dollars Go To War: Here Is a Program Liberals Can Be Proud Of

On tax day, it's nice to take a look at one small positive slice of what the government does with our tax dollars

The Not-So-Miraculous Charter School Solution

Recently, isolated successes in charter schools have gotten big headlines, masking the numerous issues they present including undermining public education

The “Good News Club”: How the Religious Right is Taking Indoctrination into Public Schools

With the blessing of the Supreme Court, fundamentalist, right wing evangelists are taking religious indoctrination into the public schools.

Obama’s Higher Education Plan Is A Death Sentence For The GOP

President Obama's higher education plan is the Republicans’ worst nightmare because an educated population would avoid the GOP like plague.

Beyond the Job Numbers: Who is Working?

These job statistics show who is working based on gender, race, and education.

Indiana Law Would Punish Schools for Getting National Anthem Wrong

A new Indiana law would punish schools that stray from lyrical and melodic guidelines for the national anthem, stifling artistic expression.