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SCOTUS Dismisses Cases Alleging Trump Violated Constiution’s Emoluments Clause

The Supreme Court of the United States has dismissed cases alleging former President Donald Trump violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause and profited off the presidency during his time in office. The emoluments clauses is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution that states “No Title of Nobility shall…

Trump China Interview

Federal Court Rules Trump Violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clauses

The Richmond, Virginia-based Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that President Donald Trump violated the Constitution’s emoluments clauses. The president’s attorneys had tried to preserve the president’s immunity from the lawsuit filed by Democratic attorneys general in Maryland and the District of Columbia, who successfully argued that the president’s ownership of the Trump International…


Lawsuit Says Trump Violating Constitution, Accepting Bribes

A new lawsuit to be filed by 200 congressional Democrats charges that President Donald Trump has been violating the United States Constitution since taking office by accepting financial benefits from foreign governments. The emoluments clause of the constitution prohibits presidents from receiving such favors without prior approval from Congress in order to prevent foreign governments…


Trump’s Financial Records May Be Revealed in Lawsuit

The prominent ethics lawyer leading a lawsuit against President Trump for his violation of the “emoluments” clause of the U.S. Constitution believes he will be able to see the president’s financial records.  This would be a major new legal headache for the president. The lawsuit concerns Trump’s ownership of a Washington hotel. The lawyer is…


Summons Issued to Trump in Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

American University in Washington, D.C. has reported that there is a major new development in a lawsuit which was filed last year over President Trump’s business conflicts.   The lawsuit, filed in both Maryland and the District of Columbia, alleges that Trump has violated the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.  It has now been expanded to…

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