What Will the Future of Work Be After the Great American Jobs Reshuffle?

As we begin to emerge from the worst of the pandemic recession, American workers and businesses are rethinking how we…

2 years ago
Republicans Are So Detached From Reality, They Think Unemployment Has Risen Under Obama

Republicans Are So Detached From Reality, They Think Unemployment Has Risen Under Obama

The unemployment rate has not only dropped since Obama took office, it has dropped dramatically.

8 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Ending The Use Of Credit Checks To Deny People Jobs

Taken in a broader context, the practice of using credit histories as a factor in hiring further rigs the system…

8 years ago

How Koch-Republican Governors Rob Pensions And Slash Wages

Since most Americans are not like the Kochs, Republicans came up with a devious plot to garner support for taking…

9 years ago

Scott Walker Joins the Republican Crusade Denigrating Americans’ Work Ethic

During a debate with his Democratic gubernatorial opponent last week, Koch loyalist Scott Walker took the time to insult Wisconsin…

9 years ago

Always Evil Walmart Increases Profits While Cutting Employee Benefits

40% of America's wealth is not enough for the Walton's or their investors so Walmart took steps to increase their…

9 years ago

McDonalds And Visa Give Republicans a Justification For Creating a Peasant Class

Fast food giant McDonalds teamed with Visa to provide them with a budget plan Republicans celebrated as justification for their…

10 years ago

The Right to Work Shot Heard Around the World Won’t End Well for Conservatives

Unions are a part of capitalism; they are one of the self-regulating forces that can serve to keep 'too-big-to-fail' at…

11 years ago

‘Shared Sacrifice’: Hostess Used Employee Pensions to Fund Itself

While paying millions to its executives, Hostess took the money that was supposed to go into employees' pensions and used…

11 years ago

GOP Reality Check: Reagan Added Public Sector Jobs During a Recession

This is a huge reason for the stubborn unemployment! President Obama doesn't have the benefit of adding public workers to…

11 years ago

Beyond the Job Numbers: Who is Working?

These job statistics show who is working based on gender, race, and education.

12 years ago