Trump’s Earth Day Message Claims a Gutted EPA ‘Enhances Environmental Protection’

Unsurprising coming from a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, his message is an endorsement of the rape of our Earth.

The Trump Administration’s Move To Quiet Government Agencies May Violate Federal Laws

While the new president is taking harsh steps to cut off transparency, the good news is that Democrats and the agencies themselves are fighting back.

EPA Report That Fracking Poisons Water Seals Its Fate

"EPA’s report confirms what experts and the science show: that fracking operations put our drinking water at risk. "

No American Is Safe from Trump’s Wrecking Crew Cabinet 

Trump’s choices are unqualified, but they were chosen for their desire to eradicate federal agencies, not their level of competence or expertise.

Corporate Media Failed To Report A Major Taxpayer Victory Against Corporate Polluters

This Circuit Court ruling will help ensure that the worst industrial polluters are on the hook for cleaning up their own contamination.

President Obama Tackles Fracking With New Regulations

Methane emissions from fracking are the 'most significant near-term threat' of global warming.

SCOTUS Conservatives Give the Kochs What They Want and Ruled Against Humanity 

The fossil fuel industry said no more regulations and the conservative justices obediently complied

Vindictive Koch Republicans Plot To Impeach EPA Administrator

Paul Goser (R-AZ) claims that McCarthy committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" by trying to define and protect Americans' clean water supply

The Koch-Congress Is Gutting The EPA While The Media Is Silent

As the leading industrial nations in the world are working feverishly to combat climate change, Koch-Republicans work to further the damage

Obama and Science Score A Big Win As Judge Tosses Challenge to Climate Change Rule

Some will call this a win for President Obama or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which it is. But it's really a win for all of us who are based in reality and thus realize that poisoning our environment is killing people.

This Is A Republican Elected Official’s Version Of Welcoming Refugees To America

Take heart my Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters. You're not the only ones whose presence in the U.S. makes Republican's skin crawl. At least if the parsed bigotry of South Carolina Republican Representative Trey Gowdy and some of his colleagues and constituents is any indication.

The IRS Is Investigating The Koch Brothers’ Illegal Tax-Deductions Denying Climate Change

The Kochs will have an even greater reason to hate the Internal Revenue Service because due to a devious, and illegal, Koch plot to affect legislation neutering enforcement power of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service is beginning an investigation into an illegal Koch tax deduction.

The Koch Brothers Try To Fool The American People With An Evil PR Campaign

What is missing from the long list of Koch demands to abolish virtually the entire government is exactly how it will help Americans.

Scott Walker and House GOP Pollute the Spirit of Earth Day

scott walker emails

It appears that although Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection, only Republicans are capable of using the day to perpetuate their anti-environment agenda in service to the Koch brothers.

California Suffers Historic Drought While Oil Industry Wastes 2 Million Gallons of Water Daily

To make matters that much worse, the over 2 million gallons of toxic water the oil and gas industry disposes of daily is pumped into the aquifer and poisons the diminishing underground supply at an alarming rate; so much so that well over a hundred (at last count) drinking-water wells have been shut down by state water regulators and the EPA due to oil waste-water contamination.

Why Isn’t Boehner Touting China Over America On Climate Change?

Boehner and Republicans are also intent on defeating President Obama's climate change initiatives on myriad fronts such as stripping the EPA's authority to regulate carbon emissions from coal-fired electricity generating plants, or the air and water pollution related to coal mining. If Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are so intent on comparing America to China, they should embrace the President's climate change agenda and follow the communist nation's latest effort.

Mitch McConnell Urges Governors To Disobey Federal Law For the Kochs

Speaker John A. Boehner boasted that Republicans primary duty was not to make laws, but eliminate them for their wealthy donors' benefit. Now, the sitting Senate Majority Leader has went a step farther and issued a call to governors to become 'law breakers' to benefit the fossil fuel industry that bought control of Congress for Republicans.

The Absurd Call for Obama to Save Keystone XL by Regulating It

The idea that Republicans would ever go along with further regulating the oil industry is laughable, and funding? Forget about it