Omarosa Rips Ivanka Trump For Being An Equal Pay Fraud

Omarosa Ivanka Trump equal pay

Omarosa said that Ivanka Trump's support for equal pay is just empty talk and that she has done nothing for pay equality for women.

Illinois Governor Rauner says Me Too to GOP degradation of women and workers

Even while many in our culture are finding some measure of satisfaction and a sense of justice being done in the prison sentence doled out to Bill Cosby for his years of sexually predatory behavior, the GOP at least seems to have consciously decided, as a matter of political strategy, to take a hard-line against the #MeToo movement, the rights of victims of sexual violence and assault, and the overall quest for equal rights for women in the workplace and throughout society. read more

Ivanka Trump Calls Herself A ‘Force For Good’ As Her Dad Guts Protections For Women

Ivanka Trump

The claim by Ivanka Trump that she is a force for good rang hollow as the president recently signed an executive order that would be anything but good for American women.

President Obama Announces New Actions To Advance Equal Pay For Women

On the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Obama White House has announced a series of actions that they are taking to advance equal pay.

Get The Facts on President Obama’s Labor Day Executive Actions to Protect Workers

President Obama is taking executive action on Monday for workers. Get all of the facts here.

In A Fiery Speech, Bernie Sanders Calls On Men To Join With Women To Fight For Equal Pay

bernie sanders equal pay greenville, sc

In the first stop of his campaign swing through South Carolina, Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the disgrace of women earning less money than men, and called on men to join with women to fight for equal pay.

The Lost Message In Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Acceptance Speech

Once in a while, and not very often, one award-winner actually says something worth hearing and as is usually the case, if it is an important social message it will irritate some group. Apparently, when Patricia Arquette called for equal rights for women, and specifically appealed to other minority groups to join the war for equality, it raised the ire of the right and left.

The Republican Plan for Women: Barefoot, Pregnant, and Economically Dependent

With no religious, economic, and scientific justification for denying women the right to choose their reproductive health, it is obvious the Republican's goal is exerting control over women.

Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women is a Trapper Keeper Full of Lies

Romney never asked for those binders full of women. So, not only was his comment strikingly offensive in its insensitivity, but it wasn't even true.

I Would Like to Say Goodbye to Patriarchy

You would think that in 2012 we'd be in a position to say goodbye to patriarchy but instead it has become the focus of the Republican Party

Seven Reasons Why Obama Is the Obvious Choice for Women

All women have to do to emphatically support Obama in 2012 is compare his policies to the Romney and the Republicans, but here are 7 reason why the president is the obvious choice.