Equal Rights Amendment

Battle to Exclude Undocumented People from Census Exemplifies Trump Agenda: Make Many Lives Not Count

Last Friday the Supreme Court indicated that on November 30 it will hear arguments in the Trump administration’s appeal regarding…

3 years ago

Coronavirus has Magnified Problem of, Silence Around, Sexism and Gender Inequality

One can find in the media many important analyses and accounts of the way the coronavirus pandemic has exposed and…

3 years ago

2020 Campaigns Need to Challenge Trump on Civil Rights

Arguing to center LGBTQ people in contemporary discussions about, and activism for, civil rights, certainly risks igniting an inflammatory comparative…

3 years ago

Opinion: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Calls for Democratic Party that Unequivocally Supports Women’s Equality and Abortion Rights

On this day of the 2020 Women’s March, masses of people across the nation will gather and march to call…

3 years ago

Opinion: Does America Really Value Equality? What Women and Transgender People Might Say

The Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations merited certain rights of personhood. The decision in this…

3 years ago

President Obama Honors Women’s Fight For Equality on Equal Pay Day

"Until equal rights are guaranteed in our Constitution, wage inequality and discrimination against American women will continue unabated.”

7 years ago

The Republican Plan for Women: Barefoot, Pregnant, and Economically Dependent

With no religious, economic, and scientific justification for denying women the right to choose their reproductive health, it is obvious…

10 years ago

Arkansas Republican Led Senate Committee Refuses to Ratify the ERA

In Arkansas today, the Republican-controlled State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee rejected a proposal to ratify the ERA to the…

10 years ago

Angry and Insulted Women Will Make The Republicans Pay In November

Women are angry, insulted, and sick and tired of being treated like second-class citizens and they have the motivation, intelligence…

11 years ago