eric bolling

A Newsmax Host Has Been Pulled Off The Air After Anti-Semitic Comments

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, Fox News has been on a rampage. All of the networks anchors, but…

2 years ago

Eric Bolling Say His Former Fox Colleagues Are Very Worried About Losing Ratings to OAN, Newsmax

Eric Bolling spent nearly 10 years working for Fox Business and Fox News. His departure was a controversial one. The…

2 years ago

Eric Bolling: Because of the GOP, Donald Trump May be the Last Republican President

The GOP really stood behind Donald Trump for a long time considering how absurd his election fraud claims were. While…

2 years ago

Fox News Flat Out Lies And Claims Hillary Clinton Was Colluding With Russia Against Trump

There is lying, and then there is what Fox News's Eric Bolling did when he reversed the facts of the…

5 years ago

Truth Comes Out As Fox News Host Tells Viewers That Fox Is Lying To Them About Polls

Fox News's Dana Perino called out her colleague Eric Bolling on the air for lying to Fox viewers about the…

6 years ago

Donald Trump Preposterously Claims Syrian Refugees Could Launch Military Coup

Inventing numbers and facts, Trump comes to the conclusion that Syrian refugees are a Trojan Horse who will launch a…

7 years ago

Trump Would Be GOP Nominee if Vote Were Held Today

Trump's play to misery, that "We are really far down" and "We are in big trouble" have found resonance among…

7 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Fissures In The Facade?

Friday Fox Follies shares something with Fox "News" this week. Many battles to fight, not enough time.

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Post-Holiday Edition

Fox "News" has been slowly sliding into bat-guano-crazy territory ever since protests erupted following Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson on…

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Fox Family Values

Since hitting the cable dial in 1996, Fox "News" Channel values have been on full display: Anti-truth chief among them.…

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies In Black And White

If the last 2 weeks of reporting and punditry tell us anything, Fox "News" is willing write off one side…

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Impeaches and Cream

It's only taken 6 years of blindly throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, but Fox "News" has…

8 years ago

Men Behaving Badly! Right-Wing Males Act Like Jerks After SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Decision

Male conservative members of the media, as well as Republican men in office, decided to act like a bunch of…

8 years ago

Climate Change Deniers Using Cold Weather as Proof Exposed as Idiots By Jon Stewart

On Monday night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took aim at conservatives who have taken to the airwaves…

9 years ago

Fox News Says Rep. Keith Ellison Is ‘Very Dangerous’ Because He’s a Muslim

Apparently if you actually exercise your First Amendment rights to be something other than Christian, you're dangerous.

10 years ago

Fox News Criticizes Rutgers For Firing Basketball Coach Who Bullied and Abused Players

Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice was fired after video surfaced of him bullying and physically abusing players. Fox News…

10 years ago

Fox News Launches a Smear Campaign Accusing Joe Biden of Being a Drunk

Led by Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee, Fox News is engaging in a smear campaign by claiming that Joe Biden…

10 years ago

Fox News’ Attack On Obama For Using Air Force One Crashes And Burns

In what may be the most absurd attack on a sitting president ever, Fox News criticized President Barack Obama for…

11 years ago