Stacey Abrams Burned a White Supremacist Flag And Conservatives Are Losing Their Minds

Conservatives are apparently outraged that Stacey Abrams burned “the old *Georgia* flag, which had been designed specifically by white supremacists as a show of defiance to desegregation in 1956.” That is to say, the Confederate “battle flag,” the “banner for Dixiecrats and white supremacists.”

Erick Erickson Says Gays Make People Uncomfortable and Should Expect to be Assaulted

If intolerant white males have the right to respond violently solely on account of your appearance, you don't really have any rights at all.

In Cheering Trump, Republicans Cheered the Death of American Democracy

"I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end. Beginning on January 20th 2017, safety will be restored"

Paul Krugman Gets It Right: Republicans Are Panicked, Stupid And Cruel

Paul Krugman noted that since Barack Obama was sworn in as President, Republicans and conservatives have done nothing but "warn about imminent catastrophe."

Tucker Carlson and Erick Erickson Agree Obama is Coming for “Our Guns”

The two men got worked up over armed EPA agents, ignoring of course the threat of armed anti-government conservatives like Cliven Bundy

Even Red State’s Erick Erickson Says Benghazi Hearings Are a Waste of Time

Erick Erickson took to his blog to complain that it "was all a political spectacle" and "carnival road show of back bench congresscritters"

Erick Erickson Predicts Civil War if Fake Christians Can’t Persecute Gays

Red State's Erick Erickson thinks its a given there will be a civil war over marriage equality; he just doesn't have any goods reason for it

Conservative Attacks On Trump May Backfire By Encouraging Him To Run As A Spoiler In 2016

If the conservative media and the GOP establishment take down Trump, he may decide to deliver payback by running a spoiler campaign.

Scott Walker’s Romneyesque Pandering Demonstrates His Lack Of Leadership Qualities

Walker has morphed into a candidate so feckless, that the 2012 version of Mitt Romney looks like a profile in courage by comparison.

Firing of Atlanta’s Anti-gay Fire Chief Puts Religious Right Hypocrisy on Display

"Equal rights for ALL Americans! The cultural cleansing of our nation must stop!" Except for gays and anyone else you decide is the Other

Fox News Contributor Tells Republicans To Shut Down The Government To Spite Obama

In a column on his website RedState Tuesday, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson told Republicans in Congress that they should shut down the federal government in order to defund Obamacare and block any action on immigration.

Men Behaving Badly! Right-Wing Males Act Like Jerks After SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Decision

Male conservative members of the media, as well as Republican men in office, decided to act like a bunch of adolescent jerks after SCOTUS made the announcement and released the decision.

GOP Dirty Trick: Greg Abbott Won’t Denounce ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters Supporter Paid For

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott is keeping it classy in Texas, where he refused to denounce the "Abortion Barbie" campaign posters that greeted Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis in California Thursday.

Conservative Cretin Erick Erickson Once Again Refers to Wendy Davis As ‘Abortion Barbie’ founder and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson took to Twitter on Tuesday to dispute Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ fundraising totals for the last-half of 2013. Once again, as he has done repeatedly since this past summer when Davis gained national prominence due to her filibuster on the Texas Senate floor over reproductive rights, Erickson referred to Davis as ‘Abortion Barbie.’ Below is the tweet: read more

Taking Back the House, Vol. 18: Ken Calvert and California’s 42nd District

This is the eighteenth edition of a research project at PoliticusUSA known as Taking Back the House. The purpose of this project is to analyze each Republican Congressional district in the United States and see how likely the district can go 'Blue.'

Republican Traitors Draped in Tea Keep Their Promise to Break the Government

The current Republican government shutdown is what teabaggers came to Washington to do; "break the government of the United States."

Gov. Phil Bryant’s Working Moms Comments Are Why GOP Ignorance Must Be Run Out of Office

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant's comments blaming the nation's education troubles on women joining the workforce are exactly why Republicans must be voted out of office.

Red State Secession Would Be a Dream Come True for the Rest of America

Don't tell me that some little part of you would not just like to say to Texas, or to another Southern state of your choice, 'Fine. Go. We admit it. 1861 was a mistake and we are undoing it now.'