Whistleblower Triggers A Bribery Bomb Heading Straight For Trump

Whistleblower Gate just blew up right into Trump's soft spot: Bribery.

A president cannot bribe or accept bribes. He cannot order others to do so on his behalf.

Yes, that's right. In addition to the constitutional standard that lists bribery as a cause for impeachment, President Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower problem just got a lot worse.

Trump’s Nominees Are Set For Confirmation Without Proper Vetting

The head of the Office of Government Ethics called "The announced hearing schedule for several [Trump] nominees "of great concern.”

Ethics Lawyers Urge Trump To Be As Ethical As Bill Clinton On Conflicts Of Interest

Why won't Donald Trump do as much as Bill Clinton did to separate himself from his business interests? For all of Donald Trump's smearing of Hillary and Bill Clinton and their foundation, it's telling that when it comes down to it, once again Donald Trump doesn't even try to uphold the most basic of standards.

Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult

The GOP is nothing more than a modern, reactionary cult designed to give religious justification for willful ignorance,bigotry, and bad behavior

U.N. Human Rights Review Of America Will Be Damning

The so-called Universal Periodic Review (UPR) regularly looks at all of the 193 U.N. member nations, and if a special report last year is any indication, the United States is in for another round of criticism for violating 25 human rights standards.

NRA-Republicans Blocked Treaty Banning Arms Sales To Terrorists

One might wonder what kind of malcontent opposes a worldwide treaty that limits the transfer of conventional arms and battlefield components to evil dictators who promote and commit genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and attack civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals. In America, it is Republicans indebted to, and serving, the National Rifle Association.

Dick Cheney and Evangelical Christians Epitomize Dark Age Barbarism  

Instead of shame and humiliation that this government condoned and defended myriad human rights violations, one of the architects of torture, Dick Cheney and several Bush officials hit the airwaves defending torture with overwhelming support from the religious right.

Republicans Condemn North Korean Human Rights Violations While Ignoring Their Own

The hypocrisy of this nation co-sponsoring a resolution condemning anyone country for human rights abuses (torture) is beyond the pale. Particularly in light of the recent Senate Intelligence Report verifying what the world has known for several years; America is guilty of committing gross human rights abuses on its own citizens and "suspected terrorists" held in captivity.

Al Franken Sends Uber Running By Questioning Their Privacy Policies

Uber responds to Sen Franken, but "it still remains unclear how Uber defines legitimate business purposes for accessing, retaining, and sharing customer data."

Scalia Is Wrong: The Constitution Prohibits Torture and GOP Civil Rights Violations

Conservatives have proffered every possible scenario to justify torture, including Supreme Court Justice Scalia invoking a fictional television counter-terrorism agent, Jack Bauer, torturing alleged terror suspects to stop a fictional attack on America.

Former Tea Party Congressman Says Americans Should Be Proud We Engage In Torture

Former Republican Congressman and current conservative radio host Joe Walsh appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss his tweets and comments in the aftermath of the release of the Senate's report on the CIA's use of torture.

The Koch Brothers Fund Religious Groups That Are Eliminating Women’s Rights

To accomplish their goal of controlling the government, the Koch brothers have had to climb in bed with fundamentalist Christians intent on using the government to control and subvert women's rights.

Conservatives Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Use Of Police Force On Blacks

In the past few weeks, there has been an uprising of awareness of police brutality all over the U.S. yet it appears that conservatives are countering the protest with the justification that if you fail to submit to the police, you deserve what you get...that is until their own are brutalized.

MSNBC and Joe Scarborough Aspire To Be As Racist As Fox News

Scarborough's version of the story bared no resemblance to the truth, but that is precisely what one expects from "Fox News lite" (MSNBC).

Senate Fights To Release Report Detailing Bush-Cheney’s CIA Torture Program

The chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee responsible for the report, Senator Dianne Feinstein, is incensed over the CIA's fight to release the report which included revelations the CIA spied on and infiltrated the Senate committee investigating the Bush-Cheney torture program.

Kansas’ Kobach Warns Immigration Action Leads To Ethnic Cleansing and Socialism

According to one angry racist Republican, the start of ethnic cleansing is when an African American President takes executive action on immigration enforcement to create a Socialism-loving brown population.

Sen. Al Franken Stands Up For Privacy By Pressing Uber to Enforce Its Privacy Policy

After an Uber exec revealed his idea to dig up dirt on journalists via the company's data collection, Al Franken demanded that the car service get real about their privacy policies and data collection practices.

On Independence Day Republicans Crusade To Eliminate the Rights of Half The Population

Republicans at all levels of government, at the behest of the religious right, have launched a vicious crusade to eliminate well over half the population's liberty to control their own actions and the ability to choose how one conducts their life. It is beyond refute that the attacks on women's sexuality and reproductive health.

To Celebrate Veterans Day David Barton Lies About What Bible Says About PTSD

Barton might want to think about the fact that nowhere does Jesus say that liars and hustlers and grifters will get into heaven