To Celebrate Veterans Day David Barton Lies About What Bible Says About PTSD

Barton might want to think about the fact that nowhere does Jesus say that liars and hustlers and grifters will…

8 years ago

Republicans Have Grown To Hate America As Much As They Hate President Obama

If you are an American who is not in the richest one percent, Republicans are in a blind rage to…

8 years ago

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

Accumulating research suggests political beliefs are hard-wired into our biology, so can conservatives change their minds?

8 years ago

Big Box Retailers Grab Big Data – What You Need to Know When You Shop

You may think of it as checking out but the retailer thinks of it as the data grab. That visit…

9 years ago

Your Private Information is Less Safe than Ever – And it was Never Safe

Governments have been spying on their citizens since the dawn of time. They're just better at it now than ever…

9 years ago

Injustice For Most: Our Two-Tiered Justice System Is In Desperate Need of Intervention

Inequities in our justice system continue to widen with wealthy, white criminals continuously managing to escape punishments faced by others

9 years ago

John Yoo Uses the Pretense of Diversity to Defend the Torture Program

Under the pretense of defending diversity, Bush torture policy guru John Yoo came out in favor of a diversity of…

9 years ago

Hacking Gone Wrong: The Bush Family Emails

Even the Bush family deserves personal privacy, so what purpose is served by hacking into their private emails only to…

9 years ago

Steubenville Rape Crew Are Outraged That Their Character is Being Questioned

Rape apologists, the rape crew, lawyers for the rape crew and morons (excuse the redundancy) are very upset about their…

9 years ago

This Holiday Season Do Your Own Thing and Damn the Critics

Conservative Christians despise atheism as being a subjective form of morality, ignoring the history of their own subjective belief system

9 years ago

Beware of the ‘Expert’ on Helping Liberals/Conservatives Get Along

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has been selling the notion that he understands liberals & conservatives, while basically badmouthing liberals

9 years ago

Gene Roddenberry, Where is My Star Trek Future?

Star Trek promised us a Utopian future of peace and tolerance and science; the Republican agenda has thrown all this…

10 years ago

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