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Joe Scarborough Calls Out Evangelical Hypocrites For Supporting Rapist Trump

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Evangelical Hypocrites For Supporting Rapist Trump

Joe Scarborough told evangelical Christians that they are supporting a rapist by continuing to stick with Donald Trump.

7 months ago

Understanding Trump’s Support for Israel as Part of his Racist, Anti-Semitic Agenda

President Trump, we should know by now, is the master of distraction, making it hard for the news cycle to…

5 years ago

Texas Pastors Say Democrats Are ‘A Godless Party’

Many Republicans are unhappy about the midterm election results, which saw Democrats taking back control of the U.S. House of…

5 years ago

New Movie Promotes Belief That Trump Was Chosen By God

This is a real headline: “An Evangelical University Is Helping Create A Movie About How Trump Was Chosen By God.”…

6 years ago

With Evangelicals Embracing Fascism it Isn’t Democrats Who Have a Religion Problem

Democrats, religious and non-religious, believe all have an equal voice but Republicans believe if you're not Christian, you get no…

7 years ago

Trump Helped Fracture The Religious Right – Not Break It

The fault lines among evangelicals that the election of 2016 has exposed are likely to reshape national politics for years…

7 years ago

Unlike American Evangelicals, Pope Francis Says Christians Owe LGBT People an Apology

"We Christians have much to apologize for; and those apologies need not be confined to just one area. Ask forgiveness,…

8 years ago

The Religiously Unaffiliated are Now the Largest Single Group Among Democrats

Pew has announced that the religiously unaffiliated (or "nones") are "now the largest single religious group among Democrats."

8 years ago

Dick Cheney and Evangelical Christians Epitomize Dark Age Barbarism  

Instead of shame and humiliation that this government condoned and defended myriad human rights violations, one of the architects of…

9 years ago

The Hobby Lobby Ruling Is Trojan Horse For All Businesses and Corporations

The Trojan Horse in the Hobby Lobby ruling is a term, closely held corporation, that created an opening for nearly…

10 years ago

Beyond Discrimination Arizona’s 1062 Bill Gives Criminals a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

This abomination masquerading as legislation is precisely what the religious right and career criminals have dreamt of throughout their pathetic…

10 years ago

While Stealing Women’s Rights Republicans Pledge Allegiance to Evangelical Christians

Republicans typically oppose women's equality as a matter of course, their non-stop attacks on Planned Parenthood are based on their…

11 years ago

Christian Conservatives As Avatars Of Hate

Christians are supposed to express love for all human beings, but Christian conservatives are hypocrites and evil incarnate because they…

14 years ago