Trump Turns On Evangelicals As His 2024 President Bid Collapses

Trump Turns On Evangelicals As His 2024 President Bid Collapses

Conservative evangelicals exposed their values fraud when they supported Trump, and now the ex-president is paying them back with attacks.

11 months ago

He Doesn’t Eat Very Well: Franklin Graham Doesn’t Think Trump Will Be Healthy Enough to Run in 2024

As soon as Donald Trump realized that Joe Biden would be taking his job, he started planning on running again…

3 years ago

Jerry Falwell Jr. Calls On Evangelicals To Get Vaccinated, But Only So Restrictions End

So far, American citizens have been getting vaccinated at an amazing rate. Joe Biden has completely smashed his initial inoculation…

3 years ago

New Poll: Most White Evangelicals Approve of the Way Trump is Handling Coronavirus

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll conducted over the weekend found that President Donald Trump enjoys strong support from white evangelicals despite…

4 years ago

Evangelicals Chant Lock Her Up At Trump Church Event

Trump launched (white) evangelicals for Trump at a megachurch in Florida, where at one point the crowd broke into a…

4 years ago

Evangelical Leader Rebukes Trump For “Disgraceful” Separation of Families At Border

A very prominent evangelical leader has issued a rare rebuke to President Donald Trump and has severely criticized the actions…

5 years ago

New Movie Promotes Belief That Trump Was Chosen By God

This is a real headline: “An Evangelical University Is Helping Create A Movie About How Trump Was Chosen By God.”…

5 years ago

Pastors stand firm as Trump’s U.S. evangelical base weakens

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows, however, that Trump's popularity among white evangelicals has weakened, suggesting his grassroots support may not…

6 years ago

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s CIA Director and Architect of Holy War

According to the First Amendment, it is a problem when a public servant, speaking of the whole of the American…

7 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Says ‘War on Christmas’ Has Been Won But ‘Insurgents Remain’

O'Reilly says, "Don't like Christmas? Ignore it." Right. Like Evangelicals ignore the things they don't like.

7 years ago

Built With Tax Breaks , Ark Encounter Hires Only Christians but Scams All

Get ready to pay pay $40 for adults ($31 for seniors) and $28 for children. And that's besides the $10…

7 years ago

Texas GOP Platform Is Patently Un-American, Religious and Nativist

"The only solution to the current situation is for Texas to threaten to secede. Then Washington will start cleaning up…

8 years ago

Georgia Evangelicals Pressure School To Issue A Fatwa Against Yoga

Georgia educators know the value of classroom yoga to relieve students' stress, but without Jesus, evangelicals aren't having it.

8 years ago

President Obama’s Brilliant Religious Freedom Speech Lost On Religious Republicans

Some may argue that evangelicals lack any humanity, because if they did they would not be driven by inhumanity toward…

8 years ago

New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Voters Outraged At GOP Attacks On Women’s Reproductive Rights

According to a new poll, when voters were informed about the religious Republican drive to ban access to legal abortion…

8 years ago

NY Times Columnist David Brooks Missed The Mark Slamming Cruz’s Non-Christian “Brutalism”

Brooks slammed Cruz for manufacturing "an atmosphere of menace" but Cruz's scorched-Earth religious agenda is right out of the Old…

8 years ago

Trump’s ‘Candid Assessment’ is That Cruz Is Neither a Citizen Nor an Evangelical

Trump tweets that McCain is 'no friend to Ted!' but fails to mention his own 'candid assessment' of Cruz's birth…

8 years ago

The Religious Right Loves Trump Because They Share A Dangerous Mindset

The rise of Trump, like the rise of the religious right, is the predictable outcome of Reagan transforming the GOP…

8 years ago

Republicans Only Have Religious Freedom Because The Founders Created A Secular Nation

If these evangelicals in the Republican ranks had even the slightest clue how fortunate they are to live in a…

8 years ago

Republican Legislation Will Use Religion to Defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare

Tomorrow, House Republicans are slated to pass "filibuster-proof" legislation founded on religion to defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare

8 years ago

Donald Trump’s Phony Christian Routine Earns Boos at Values Voter Summit

Donald Trump told the crowd what a great Christian he is, right before he earned boos by attacking Marco Rubio…

8 years ago

Bernie Sanders Outrages Evangelical Republicans With The Idea Of A Socialist Jesus

Evangelicals are incensed by ideas of a socialist Jesus, but facts are facts - Jesus, like Bernie Sanders, championed the…

8 years ago

Kansas Secretary of State Fires State Employee For Not Attending Church

A former Kansas state employee has filed a federal wrongful termination lawsuit targeting Kansas' Secretary of State and assistant secretary…

8 years ago

Donald Trump is Not as Popular with Evangelicals as He Lets On

Some Evangelicals are wiling to accommodate Trump, but Gallup shows religious people like Ted Cruz, and especially Ben Carson, even…

8 years ago

Donald Trump Praised For Not “Using” Evangelicals as Pawns

You have to wonder what bizarre alchemy is taking place when Trump is praised by Evangelicals. It turns out the…

8 years ago

Cowardly Americans Tremble In Fear While A Courageous Nun Defends Women

The GOP is opposed to providing for the general welfare of anyone but corporations, the filthy rich, and especially the…

8 years ago

Note To Evangelical Republicans: This Is America, Love It Or Leave It

Evangelical Republicans hate America with religious passion because the Founding Fathers did not create a Christian theocracy

8 years ago

Republican Opposition To SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Is Opposition To The Constitution

Conservative opponents of the Constitution see no contradiction in attacking the Marriage Equality ruling as a violation of the Constitution

8 years ago

Religious House Republicans Plan To Deny Contraception Access to 4.6 Million Women

There is no other reason for Republicans to try defunding Title X than denying family planning services and contraception from…

8 years ago

Michigan And North Carolina Republicans Enact Un-Constitutional Theocratic Laws

Today, more so than at any time in the nation's history, evangelical Republicans are on a crusade to base the…

8 years ago

Now Israelis And Republicans Are Very Angry At The Pope

Recently, although Republicans love the Vatican's support for opposition to equal rights for women and the LGBT community, there has…

9 years ago

Republicans Are Trying To Delegitimize President Obama By Attacking the ACA

The health law is cover for the real enemy that Republicans will go to any lengths to defeat; President Barack…

10 years ago

Romney’s Greedy Drive to Divide Does Not a President Make

There are myriad reasons why Romney is unqualified to serve as president, but chief among them is his willingness to…

11 years ago

How Many Otherwise Socially Liberal Men Have Abandoned Reproductive Rights?

Some of Ron Paul's otherwise socially liberal followers are an example of men who have turned their backs on reproductive…

11 years ago

Right Wing Christians Can’t Claim Compassion While Preaching Hate

The bible is rife with death and destruction for the non-believer and that is the impetus for the religious right’s…

12 years ago

Glenn Beck: The Mormon Wolf Preying on the Evangelical Sheep

Glenn Beck is a Mormon in evangelical clothing who has co-opted the Christian narrative for his own purposes. He is…

13 years ago