Obama Looks To Dominate 2016 With Major Executive Actions On Guns And GITMO

President Obama is eyeing up major executive actions for his final year in office. The President is considering executive actions that would expand gun background checks and close GITMO.

The White House Blasts House Republican Bill To Roll Back Obama Immigration Action

The White House unloaded on the House Republican bill that would roll back President Obama's immigration executive orders calling it unfair, and predicting that it will die in the Senate.

Obama’s Return From Vacation Means More Executive Action Is Coming

President Obama is back from vacation, which means that whether Republicans like it or not more executive action is coming.

President Obama Turns Up The Heat and Is Daring John Boehner To Sue Him

In remarks before he met with his cabinet, President Obama basically dared John Boehner to sue him by directing his cabinet to continue to push on areas where he can use executive action.