executive privilege

Biden Denies Peter Navarro And Mike Flynn Executive Privilege On 1/6 Investigation

President Biden has denied Peter Navarro and Mike Flynn the claim of executive privilege before the 1/6 Committee.

9 months ago

Mark Meadows Now Refusing to Sit for Deposition with January 6 Committee

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is now refusing to sit for a deposition with the House Select…

12 months ago

Trump’s Attempt To Block The 1/6 Investigation Is Being Short-Circuited

There is a big difference between Trump's obstruction of the Russia investigation and the 1/6 investigation. So far, the courts…

1 year ago

Jeffrey Clark Refuses To Cooperate As 1/6 Committee Rejects His Executive Privilege Claim

Trump coup co-conspirator Jeffrey Clark refused to answer questions as the 1/6 Committee rejected his executive privilege claim.

1 year ago

A Federal Judge Isn’t Buying What Trump Is Selling On Executive Privilege

Trump and his lawyers ran into a federal judge that didn't seem to be buying any of the basis of…

1 year ago

New Evidence of Campaign Payments for ‘Command Center’ Wrecks Trump’s Executive Privilege Claim

The new finding is an even bigger problem for Trump because the people who received the money happen to be…

1 year ago

Bipartisan Group of Former Lawmakers Files Brief Against Trump’s Claim of Executive Privilege

he brief, which is slated to hit the docket in the D. C. federal District Court on Friday, contends that no…

1 year ago

Trump To Hide Behind Executive Privilege And Not Answer Mueller Obstruction Of Justice Questions

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace dropped a bombshell. Trump is bringing in impeachment lawyer Emmett Flood to assert executive privilege and not…

5 years ago

WTF: War Criminal Dick Cheney Wants Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed

Cheney, who has been claiming executive privilege since he was Defense Secretary, told Republicans, 'I think Hillary (Clinton) should be…

10 years ago