Extremist Christians

Evangelical Vote Crusade Warns: Government Is ‘ISIS Attacking U.S. Christians’

Evangelical Vote Crusade Warns: Government Is ‘ISIS Attacking U.S. Christians’

Although the religious right has effectively, through the Catholic Supreme Court, eliminated the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment and…

9 years ago

The Republican Party Has Become a Haven For All Forms of Right Wing Extremism

The Pew survey should disabuse Americans of the notion that the teabagger or Republican movements are not havens for right…

10 years ago

Kansas Republicans Violate The Constitution By Passing Anti-Gay Segregation Law

The Kansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a piece of legislation crafted to legalize anti-gay segregation under the guise…

10 years ago

Darrell Issa Hid The Truth About Benghazi For a Year While Attacking President Obama

Darrell Issa who has had the same information the New York Times reported for over a year and sat on…

10 years ago

Militia Uses Jesus and The 2nd Amendment to Justify Threatening President Obama’s Life

Christian militias claim that under the bible and the Second Amendment they are justified in using deadly force to remove…

10 years ago

The Misogynistic Republican War On Birth Control Singles Out Low Income Women

Republicans in various states are on a rampage to restrict contraception and healthcare services to low-income women based on their…

12 years ago