Leak Shows Trump’s Choice for Secretary of State Directs a Russian Oil Company

Rex Tillerson not only runs ExxonMobil, he is also the director of a Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas,…

6 years ago

ExxonMobil Lies – They Still Oppose Any Climate Change Remedies

ExxonMobil promotes a carbon tax while contributing to Republicans who block all efforts to combat climate change with a tax…

6 years ago

Tables Turned – A. G. Subpoenas Koch-Related Climate Deniers’ Documents

Republicans use subpoenas to terrorize climate scientists, but it is an infringement of their rights if the tables are turned.

7 years ago

The ExxonMobil Climate Scandal Reveals the Deadly Evil of Corporatism

The Bloomberg editorial board claims the government has no right to "shame" a company for trying to turn a profit,…

7 years ago

ExxonMobil Defies Kochs – Warns Governments Must Intervene To Prevent Climate Catastrophe

ExxonMobil is the second leading oil corporation to publicly admit that climate change is real, following Shell Oil's admission in…

7 years ago

Republicans Ramp Up The Koch Crusade And Inquisition Against Science

When NOAA published research using empirical data to refute GOP climate-change denial, Lamar Smith (R-TX) subpoenaed to the scientists

7 years ago

Drought-Stricken California Farmers Buy Recycled Oil Wastewater For Irrigation

Before anyone praises the oil industry for making a profit from stealing irrigation water to process oil and then selling…

8 years ago

House Republicans Praise Exxon for Arkansas Oil Spill That Taxpayers are Cleaning Up

House Republicans praised Exxon and expect Americans to give them a "pat on the back" for saddling taxpayers with the…

10 years ago

Aerial Footage of AR Oil Spill Details What They Don’t Want You to Know About Keystone

This amazing aerial footage of the Arkansas oil spill should make Americans question why Republicans are touting Keystone as a…

10 years ago

Senate Oil Whores Think American Exceptionalism Will Protect Us From a Keystone XL Disaster

It is unfortunate, but Republicans and some Democrats are plodding ahead as if America's exceptionalism will protect it from catastrophes…

10 years ago

Republican Imposed Budget Cuts Led to Keystone XL Being Deemed Environmentally Sound

The long-awaited State Department report on the environmental impact of building the KeystoneXL pipeline was released and its results are…

10 years ago

Another Republican Lie Dies as America Becomes #1 in Oil Production and Gas Prices Soar

The increased oil production is not all good news for Americans though, because the glut of oil is keeping gas…

10 years ago