The FBI Investigating Trump For Theft Of Top Secret Documents

Classified documents ended up at Donald Trump's private club, and the FBI is investigating how they got there.

1 month ago

Organization that Set Up Jan. 6th Rally Now the ‘Go-To’ Event Org. for Far MAGA Right

Far from being a pariah, the company is now enjoying the most prominent role in coordinating Trump-associated far-right events.

7 months ago

Frank Figliuzzi: Fox Is Pushing FBI Insurrection Conspiracy Theory To Protect GOP Lawmakers Who May Be Involved

In the days after the January insurrection, few Conservative lawmakers or media members were willing to defend the rioters. As…

11 months ago

WATCH: CNN’s Erin Burnett Rips Republicans Who Think 1/6 Was a False Flag

The presidency of Donald Trump featured a number of truly awful moments. But the worst or the worst was the…

11 months ago

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Hints That 1/6 Insurrection Was an FBI False Flag Operation

The events of January 6th were broadcast live on all cable news channels. Supporters of Donald Trump stormed the United…

11 months ago

Report: Trump Would Have Fired FBI Director Wray Last Year, But Bill Barr Threatened to Quit

By the end of Donald Trump's term, all of the people considered to be the "adults in the room" had…

12 months ago

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Derangement Syndrome is Inspiring the FBI to Frame Me

At one point, Rudy Giuliani rode the success of his tenure as a US Attorney all the way to Gracie…

1 year ago

Texas AG Who is Trying to Overturn Election Hit With FBI Subpoena Over Ongoing Investigation

With Sidney Powell fired for being insane and Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis suffering from COVID, Donald Trump was running…

1 year ago

WATCH: Steve Bannon Rips Bill Barr for Not Intervening in the Election on Behalf of Trump

For months now, the Trump administration has known that it was going to have a hard time winning the election.…

1 year ago

Mark Meadows Mocks FBI Director for Claiming There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Mark Meadows  slammed the director of the FBI on Friday and suggested he didn't know what was happening at his…

2 years ago

Democrat Ted Lieu: Bill Barr Is “Acting Like a Tinpot Dictator” with FBI Comments

Ted Lieu joined the criticism of William Barr, weighing in on the Attorney General's remarks about the FBI. Barr is…

2 years ago

Trump Offered to Make John Kelly FBI Director the Day After Firing Comey, Demanded Loyalty

Donald Trump offered to make John Kelly director of the FBI the day after he fired Director James Comey but…

2 years ago

Trump: Republicans Should “Go Back to School and Learn” Amid Criticism of FBI Money

President Donald Trump said Republican senators should “go back to school and learn amid criticism the inclusion of funding for…

2 years ago

The FBI Is Investigating Sen. Richard Burr For Insider Trading

The DOJ has launched an investigation into Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), who dumped millions of dollars in stock just before…

2 years ago

Lisa Page Says Trump is “Obsessed” After ‘Lovebirds’ Skit at CPAC

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page said Trump is still very much obsessed with her and former FBI head of counterintelligence…

2 years ago

FBI Won’t Deny Potential Investigation Of Trump Stalking Marie Yovanovitch

The State Department is saying nothing, and the FBI refuses to comment on a potential investigation of Trump stalking Marie…

2 years ago

Trump Attacks The FBI As They Investigate 2020 Russia Meddling

Donald Trump as president of the United States is calling on the top law enforcement agency in the country, the…

2 years ago

The FBI Is Investigating Russia’s Efforts To Steal 2020 For Trump

The US intelligence community is investigating Russia's effort to attack the 2020 election for Trump and undermine Joe Biden.

2 years ago

Lisa Page Stands Up To Bully Trump’s Lies About Her

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page fired back at Trump after he falsely spread rumors about her during a campaign rally.

2 years ago

Barr Says Obama And The FBI Were A Greater Threat Than Russia

Attorney General William Barr claimed that the Obama administration and the FBI were spying on Trump and were more of…

2 years ago