It’s 2016 All Over Again When It Comes to Media Bias in Election Coverage

Women and enlightened men know misogyny is baked into the media’s coverage of presidential elections. While Trump’s 2016 win was the result of a combination of forces, one of those forces was media bias.
That isn’t merely the opinion of this writer; there is data proving Trump got preferential treatment, be it from the volume of newspaper articles and live streaming of his campaign events to giving him free passes when he incited hatred and violence or when he just told ordinary lies. read more

Shut Up Barbie: The New Feminism of the Far Left

Feminism Barbie: "Why, yes, Ken! I just so happen to agree with you on everything!"

Shut Up Barbie might remind you of Sarah Palin in her most immediate qualities: she, too, is sexy and cuddles up to big daddy for approval and attention but the super cool thing about Shut Up Barbie is that she isn’t ignorant! Yes, Shut Up Barbie comes with a book and she can talk well at parties. In other words, she’s the perfect companion for liberal men. She’s cute, she’s sassy, she’s smart, but she knows when to shut up.

Palin-Cowered Media Skewer Michelle Obama

While the poor Right is all over the place trying to find a meme to stick to Michelle Obama -- one day a gangster Marxist the next Marie Antoinette (as the media called both Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton) -- the main stream media gnaws away at any notion of feminine independence by criticizing her for leaving the President by himself on his birthday. Bad girl.

GOP Uses Mama Grizzlies to Attack Women’s Rights

Conservative Assault on Women's Rights

This week’s winners of the Patriarchy Award: Sharron Angle and David Vitter. Sharron Angle announced that she’s against abortion even when a girl is raped by her own father, and indeed, the Mama Grizzly Conservative suggests that said rape victims make “lemonade out of lemons”. But hold on to your outrage, my friends, because the compassionate conservatives also bring us David Vitter, who appointed a man who was found GUILTY of stabbing his girlfriend to be in charge of women’s issues.

The Bullies on the Right Stoop to Sexism to Oppose Kagan

Michael Savage Judges Women's Looks

The Right Wing is revealing both the dearth of their values as well as the utter emptiness in their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan by focusing on her looks. This is on par with the Republican Party’s oppression of women platform, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet the fact that they are so graceless as to come out with the hideously appalling criticisms they did is still shocking.