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Opinion: #Cancel Culture: Jeffery Toobin, Chris Matthews, and Journalism

Recently, former MSNBC host Chris Matthews published “This Country,” his memoir of major historical moments in America. You may have known Matthews as the host of MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ or from his political analysis. Just over a year ago, he left the network following accusations of inappropriate flirting. Likewise, you may have seen Jeffery Toobin, a…


Opinion: Trump’s Abuse of First Amendment as Racist Club Aligns with Republican, Right-Wing Supreme Court Practices

While Donald Trump has been involved in a dispute with Twitter, speciously and ignorantly crying that the social media company violated his First Amendment rights, uprisings and mass actions protesting the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor—and the pervasive devaluing of Black lives generally–have mounted. The simultaneity of these events may be just…


Literary Group Sues Trump For Illegal Attacks On the Press

In a suit filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, the PEN American Center (PEN America) alleges that “official acts” by President Donald Trump have “violated the First Amendment and his oath to uphold the Constitution.” Breaking: PEN America sues Trump over claimed retaliatory actions against media organizations. Lawsuit cites Trump’s attacks on the Post…


HHS Secretary Price Displays Ignorance of First Amendment Following Reporter’s Arrest

What does a lawmaker do when a journalist asks a question they don’t like? In American, it used to be the question would be ignored or reframed, and the journalist would persist in getting an answer to the original question. It’s a dance that can, at times be frustrating for both partners, but a dance that is crucial to the America we know and most of us love. Never would asking a question result in a journalist’s arrest – no matter how many times the journalist would ask it and no matter how many times the lawmaker would dodge it.

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