First Amendment

Susan Collins Calls Police on Sidewalk Chalk Urging Her to Protect Women’s Rights

Republican Senator Susan Collins called the police after concerned citizens left a message in chalk outside of her home urging…

7 months ago

Opinion: #Cancel Culture: Jeffery Toobin, Chris Matthews, and Journalism

Recently, former MSNBC host Chris Matthews published “This Country,” his memoir of major historical moments in America. You may have…

1 year ago

Opinion: Trump’s Abuse of First Amendment as Racist Club Aligns with Republican, Right-Wing Supreme Court Practices

While Donald Trump has been involved in a dispute with Twitter, speciously and ignorantly crying that the social media company…

3 years ago

GOP Seeks to Destroy First Amendment and Democracy Itself

As Don Draper, the central character of AMC’s hit show Mad Men, likes to say, “If you don’t like what’s…

3 years ago

Opinion: Trump Defends Cyber-Bullies As Melania Holds Annual #BeBest Campaign

The bullies of America know that Donald Trump has their backs. The bully can  even be a race horse, for…

4 years ago

Literary Group Sues Trump For Illegal Attacks On the Press

In a suit filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, the PEN American Center (PEN America) alleges that “official acts”…

4 years ago

Opinion: Trump Tried To Weaponize Security Clearances to Silence Dissent

Donald Trump is abusing presidential power again. This time he threatened, via Sarah Sanders, to strip several people of their…

4 years ago

U.N. rights expert assails Trump administration on press treatment

A United Nations rights expert voiced concern on Wednesday that Trump administration actions would be harmful to a free press…

5 years ago

Trump’s Assault On the First Amendment Takes Root In Public Louisiana High School

In a tweet, Shaun King shared a chilling announcement from a public high school principle in Louisiana. It's the first…

5 years ago

DHS Goes After First and Fourth Amendments With Expanded Social Media Surveillance

The DHS is ready to put digital Star of David armbands on every immigrant, and every naturalized American, according to…

5 years ago

Trump May Have Broken the Law When Calling for Boycotts if the NFL Doesn’t Fire Peaceful Protesters

When Donald Trump tweeted for a boycott of the NFL if team owners didn’t fire players for protesting racism, Trump…

5 years ago

House Unanimously And Symbolically Condemns Erdogan’s Assault On The 1st Amendment

Today, the House of Representatives voted unanimously to condemn the assault by Turkish “security personnel” on peaceful protesters.

5 years ago

HHS Secretary Price Displays Ignorance of First Amendment Following Reporter’s Arrest

What does a lawmaker do when a journalist asks a question they don’t like? In American, it used to be…

6 years ago

Opinion: SCOTUS Hears Arguments To Tear Down Church and State Barrier

A ruling for theocracy will effectively demolish church-state separation and neuter the First Amendment’s religious clauses.

6 years ago

Opinion: Judge Rules Trump Inciting Violence Against Protesters is Not Protected Speech

The judge ruled when Trump “repeatedly...instructed, and commanded” supporters to “get em’ out of here” the result was protesters being…

6 years ago

Pat Robertson Says People Who Oppose Trump Are Revolting Against God

The First Amendment says "there is no...infringing on the freedom of the press." Not by Donald Trump. Not even by…

6 years ago

The Press Reacts to Trump Calling Them ‘The Enemy of the American People’

"On Planet Trump, the MSM is the enemy of the American people, but Russia -- which hates us & has…

6 years ago

Trump Expected To Announce One of Three Extremists As His Supreme Court Nominee Next Week

Democrats are gearing up to fight Trump’s nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died nearly a year…

6 years ago

To Remain Free, the Press Can No Longer Afford to be Stupid About Donald Trump

The mainstream media has proved guilty of two sins - repeating fake news generated by Trump, and failing to report…

6 years ago

Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he,…

6 years ago