Sarah Palin Accuses the AP of Lying About Her Book

A grumpy Sarah Palin posted a note on her Facebook page which claims that the AP's report on the contents on the book is erroneous. It doesn't seem to matter to her that the AP has actually read the book, because she said, "And as is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book."

Palin Threatens to Call Out Obama on Imaginary Death Panels

Last night President Obama called death panels a lie in his joint speech to Congress. Obama also promised to call out anyone who spreads lies about healthcare reform. This led Sarah Palin to not only continue to stand by her death panels claim, but also promise that she will call out Obama on death panels, but there aren't any death panels, so this should be interesting to say the least.

John McCain Stands by Sarah Palin on Death Panels

On ABC's This Week, Sen. John McCain defended Sarah Palin's claim that healthcare reform would result in death panels. McCain argued that reform could lead to death panels, "So what does, what does that lead to? Doesn't that lead to a possibility, at least opens the door to a possibility of rationing and decisions made such are made in other countries?"

Last Year Sarah Palin Wanted to Kill Grandma Too

As Sarah Palin continues to refuse to back off of her claim that healthcare reform would create death panels, something interesting has emerged from her time as Alaska governor. Last year as governor, Palin endorsed end of life counseling in a Healthcare Decision Days Proclamation. Palin was for death panels before she was against them.

Pat Buchanan Outs Sarah Palin on Hardball

Pat Buchanan figured it was just another day on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, defending the brilliance and relevance of the apple of his eye…oops, I mean, the apple of his party, Sarah Palin. But this particular time Pat opened his mouth, Freud reared his mind over tongue theory, and now the ball is a rollin’.