Michigan Approves Nestlé Water Pumping Despite Opposition

If there is one company in the world which illustrates both unbridled corporate greed and a complete lack of human compassion, it is Nestlé.  They have gone all over the world appropriating public water resources for themselves in order to make profits to benefit their rich shareholders.  Nestlé has even publicly stated their position that water is not a human right, which is absurd, because without water people die. Water is life, and Nestlé’s position is like saying people have no right to live. read more

Nancy Pelosi Eviscerates Republican Presidential Candidates for Ignoring Flint

On the heels of a Congressional delegation trip to Flint, Michigan, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked about the Republican charge made last night during the FOX GOP debate in Detroit that Democrats are "politicizing" the Flint water situation.

Republican Redux: Governor Bruce Rauner Brings Ruin to Illinois: Part I of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner is falling in with the strategy we have seen from Sam Brownback in Kansas, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan

GOP Rhetoric Blames the Federal Government for Snyder’s Poisoning the People of Flint

The problem has nothing to do with Washington, D.C. “choking off” infrastructure spending. The problems lay in Snyder’s tax cuts

Senate Democrats Block Energy Bill After Republicans Don’t Agree To Aid For Flint

Senate Democrats stood with Flint today by blocking the advancement of an energy bill after Republicans continued to drag their feet on an aid package for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

White House Rejects Snyder Buck Passing For Flint Water Crisis

"I saw the governor yesterday accepted responsibility. Clearly primary responsibility lies with local and state officials," but he said that won't stop the federal government from helping.

Bernie Sanders Demands That Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Resign Over Flint Water Crisis

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) demanded that Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder resign after hundreds of children were sickened by lead in the drinking water of city of Flint, Michigan.

Koch-Republican Austerity Is Killing Michigan Democracy And Poisoning Residents

Bad things generally happen when corporate fascist take over government and eliminate democracy, and it is a fact of life many Michigan citizens have learned the hard way; by being poisoned.