After Cohen Flips, Trump Says Flipping Should Be Illegal

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It’s already on record that the President of the United States would like to get rid of certain freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. He seems to be bothered about such things as:

  1. Freedom of Speech. He doesn’t like anyone saying bad things about him, and he took away John Brennan’s security clearance because Brennan criticized him in public.
  2. Freedom of the Press. He thinks the press are “the enemy of the people” and they should not be able to print whatever they want.
  3. Due Process Under the Law. He thinks that he should be able to imprison immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. without having to bother with giving them a fair trial.

And now, after it appears that the president will be facing great legal jeopardy because his former lawyer made a plea deal where he will be giving incriminating information to federal prosecutors, Trump wants to do away with “flipping.” That is, he wants to make it illegal for people facing prosecution to cooperate with the government in exchange for a reduced sentence. read more