New Poll: Majority of Florida Voters Don’t Want Trump Reelected in 2020

A newly published survey of Florida voters shows that a majority of them no longer support Donald Trump, meaning his reelection in 2020 is in serious doubt.

Florida is the largest swing state, with nearly 14 million registered voters. In the 2016 election Trump won 49% of the Florida vote while Hillary Clinton won nearly 48%. This shows that his margin of error was always slim in the Sunshine State, and now it has probably disappeared entirely. read more

Florida Voting Machines Overheat, Causing Restart of Recount

South Florida is always hot, and as tensions flare during recounts required due to three close statewide elections, the temperatures are rising even more than usual.

But in Palm Beach County things are REALLY heating up as the county’s ballot-counting machines overheated yesterday, giving incorrect vote totals. read more

Thousands Show Up For Obama In Florida As People Walk Out On Trump

Two days after people walked out on Trump while he was still talking, Obama came to Florida and drew a crowd of 4,000 who waited for hours to hear him speak.

Fears of Florida Defeats Bring Desperation to the White House

Recent polls show that Democrat Andrew Gillum has maintained a lead over Trump-endorsed rival Ron DeSantis in the race to become Florida’s next governor. As a result, President Donald Trump and his aides in the White House are getting very, very worried. read more

Al Roker Takes Another Shot At Rush Limbaugh Over Hurricane Irma: ‘We’re Not Hyping This’

Al Roker-Rush

"We're not trying to scare people, we're not trying to hype this. We want people to be prepared."

State GOP Wants Victims of Gun Violence To Prove They Did Not Deserve To Be Shot

A Florida Republican believes the prosecutor should have to prove why the victim of a stand-your-ground shooting didn’t deserve to be shot.

Hypocrisy Meter Off The Charts As Trump Has Golfed 6 Times Since Taking Office

Donald Trump golf

Perhaps the new president should finish reading his job description instead of jetting off to Florida every weekend.

Trump To Officially Launch 2020 Re-election Bid With Swing-State ‘Campaign Event’

Trump rally

The president is more passionate about the fanfare of a presidential campaign than he is about actually governing the country.

GOP Official Is Booed For Trying To Bring Death Panel Lie Back To Life

Republican Florida obamacare

The American people are sick of the Republican Party's lies on Obamacare.

Already Tired Of Being President, Trump Taking Vacation To Florida This Weekend

Donald Trump golf

Trump is ducking out of D.C. for a long weekend at his Mar-a-Lago Estate, leaving on Friday and returning on Monday, Feb. 6.

Hispanic Voter Surge Helps Democrats Storm Ahead In Florida Early Ballots

Hillary Clinton Florida

"It very well could be the Hispanic vote that saves Hillary Clinton in Florida."

The New White Voters That Trump Was Counting On Are Supporting Hillary Clinton

New polling shows that newly registered and voters who sat out the 2012 election are breaking strongly for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Florida Disaster for Trump as 28% Early Voting Republicans Vote for Clinton

A new poll not only shows Clinton leading in Florida 48 to 40, but that 28 percent of early GOP voters cast their vote for Clinton

Donald Trump Tells Supporters At Florida Rally That Election Day Is November 28th

Donald trump

Yes, the Republican nominee even needs to be fact checked when it comes to accurately telling his supporters when Election Day is.

Federal Court Ignores Trump-Supporting Governor, Extends Voter Registration In Florida

Rick Scott Florida

The GOP knows that when fewer people turn out to the polls, they have a better chance of being successful.

Vile Conservatives Make Hurricane Death and Destruction Into an Obama Conspiracy

Drudge said he and Trump’s supporters “wondered if the government was lying about the intensity of the hurricane” and legitimacy of National Hurricane Center data.

Florida Sinking Beneath the Waves, But Folks in Boca Raton Are Worried About Mosques

Mosques really don't appear to be the problem. Like churches, they will be under water. Along with the people who attend them.