Reckless Trump Just Called His Meeting With Military Leaders ‘The Calm Before The Storm’

When asked by reporters what he meant by “calm before the storm,” Trump said, “You’ll find out,” before being whisked away.

Trump Brings Shame To America By Praising Putin’s Move To Kick U.S. Diplomats Out Of Russia

Trump Russia

Instead of standing up for the men and women who selflessly serve their country, the president – once again – took the side of the man who helped put him in the White House.

Trump Spent Just Five Minutes In Major Meeting About Stopping A Nuclear War With North Korea

Trump wanted to remind everybody in the room that he was, in fact, still president, before ditching the meeting and letting the "grown ups" deal with the national security crisis.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump’s Foreign Policy Incompetence Is A Threat To The World

Rachel Maddow

At a time when stability and competence are more important than ever, we have a president who has none of those qualities – in fact, he's the polar opposite.

Trump Administration Slams Obama’s Iran Deal One Day After Admitting It’s A Huge Success

Donald Trump

After bombing two countries, provoking North Korea, and losing an aircraft carrier, the Trump administration is now picking a fight with Iran.

Trump’s War Of Distraction Continues As The U.S. Now Planning Preemptive Strike On North Korea

Donald Trump

As the Russia scandal becomes increasingly explosive, so too does Donald Trump's foreign policy.

Trump Makes Jokes From His Vacation Resort While Pence Decides How To Deal With Syria

Trump jokes mar-a-lago

Ignoring questions from the background about what he plans to do about Syria, Trump instead thought it was an appropriate time for wisecracks.

Four-Star General Slams Trump’s Reckless Rush To War As A Political Stunt

Barry McCaffrey

McCaffrey said it would be a "mistake" to conduct "limited political signaling" in response to Bashar al-Assad's chemical attack on his own people.

Hillary Clinton’s Sensible Response To Syria Is A Reminder Of Why She Should Be President

Hillary Clinton

As Trump continues to spew nonsensical word salad about how he plans to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Hillary Clinton reminded us why she should be commander-in-chief.

Rachel Maddow Slams Trump’s Confused Response To The Syria Crisis: “What Are You Doing?”

Rachel Maddow Bernie Sanders contested convention

"The people who work for you literally have no idea what you mean or what they should be doing."

Maxine Waters Destroys Trump’s Foreign Policy Incompetence: He Needs To ‘Shut Up’

Maxine Waters Trump Syria

"I really wish that there was some way we could rein him in. I wish that our foreign affairs experts could somehow get his ear and at least tell him to shut up, to just stop it."

Opinion: Mass State Department Exodus Is a Really Bad Sign

"You don’t run foreign policy by making statements, you run it with thousands of people working to implement programs every day. To undercut that is to undercut the institution.”

Opinion: Top Security Experts: Bannon on Security Council Is Truly Scary and Crazy

“Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Bannon is nuts and malicious. If not supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their decisions could endanger the world.”

Obama Releases How-To National Security Guide So Trump Doesn’t Completely Destroy World

Donald Trump meets Obama

Even though Barack Obama will not be president after Jan. 20, 2017, it's clear he wants to hold the world together after he's gone.

The Only Thing Trump Threatens Is Civilized Society, Not Democracy

Trump supporter will seek out the “Mexicans. Syrians. People who can’t speak American and go right up behind them and make them a little bit nervous.”

Polls: Americans Trust Steady Clinton Over Unpredictable Trump On National Security

Hillary Clinton commander in chief

Most voters think Hillary Clinton is best equipped to be the next commander-in-chief.

Hillary Clinton Tops Trump’s 88 With a List of 110 Generals and Admirals Backing Her

Hillary Clinton nominee

"Clinton is getting the backing of senior military service members and former officials with command and management experience because of her proven record of diplomacy and steady leadership on the world stage."

New Ad Shows GOP Leaders Slamming Trump’s Ability To Be Commander-In-Chief

Donald Trump Republican foreign policy

The ad underscores a larger point: Opposition to Trump isn't a partisan exercise; it's an act of patriotism.

Trump’s NATO Remarks Expose GOP Hypocrisy

Criticism targeting Trump for threatening to dishonor past agreements with NATO is well warranted; but not from hypocritical Republicans.