White House Falsely Claims It Goes Against The Constitution To Impeach Trump

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that it undermines and America and goes against the Constitution to impeach Trump.

Even Fox News Tells Trump That Schiff Is Following Impeachment Rules

Fox News Tells Trump Schiff is following impeachment rules

Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is following the hearing rules enacted by Republicans.

Kellyanne Conway Falsely Claims Russian Interference Never Existed

Kellyanne Conway Russian election interference

Kellyanne Conway falsely stated on Fox and Friends that Russian election interference never happened and didn't exist.

Bill Maher Turns The Tables And Uses Fox News’s Racism Against Them

Bill Maher Fox News

Bill Maher used one of Fox News's favorite slurs against immigrants to turn the tables on the gaffe infested network.

Trump Whines While Leno Laments About Late Night Politics

Jay Leno on Today

Donald Trump is whining again. Now he thinks that late night comedians are not only biased, but are being mean to him also. And even though he can dish it out, our thin-skinned president clearly can’t take criticism — or jokes — that are directed towards him. read more

With Prison Hanging Over His Head, Eric Trump Begs Republicans To Vote

The president's son, Eric Trump, showed some of the desperation that is building in the Republican Party as he begged Republicans to show up and vote during an interview on Fox News.

Trump Offers No Defense Of His Crimes In Disastrous Fox and Friends Interview

Trump blustered, blamed, and distracted, but what didn't do was offer a defense of his crimes committed with Michael Cohen during his Fox and Friends interview.

Fox and Friends Accidentially Books Guest Who Blasts Trump On The Air

Fox and Friends First thought they booked pro-ICE Democratic Congressional candidate, Ann Kirkpatrick, but who they really booked was anti-Trump Congressional candidate Barbara L’Italien. The result was a blasting of Trump. read more

Fox News Is Nightmarishly Defending Trump’s Child Concentration Camps

Fox News is offering a full-throated defense of Trump putting children in cages, as the kids having it good.

Trump Demands That The American People Be More Like North Korea

During his interview with Fox and Friends, Trump said he wants the American people to respond to him the way that starved and oppressed N. Koreans respond to Kim Jong-un.

Trump Falls Apart On Fox And Destroys His Attorney/Client Privilege With Michael Cohen

An out of control Trump claimed that Michael Cohen was not his lawyer, and he had nothing to do Cohen, which destroyed any attorney/client privilege that existed between Trump and Cohen.

Ivanka Trump Just Told The Dumbest Lie Yet About The GOP Smash And Grab Tax Cut For The Rich

On Fox and Friends, Ivanka Trump showed she's as clueless as her father by repeated the widely debunked lie that the American people will now be able to file their taxes on a postcard.

Kellyanne Conway Tells Fox News Viewers To Vote For Pedophile Roy Moore So Taxes Can Be Cut For The Rich

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News viewers on Fox and Friends to vote for accused pedophile Roy Moore so that Donald Trump can cut taxes for the rich.

Trump Goes On Racist Rant, Says Peacefully Protesting Black NFL Players Scare People

President Donald Trump said on Fox News's Fox & Friends that (note: mostly white) owners of National Football League teams are afraid of their (note: mostly black) players.

Claiming that he is friends with many NFL owners, Trump said, "They say, 'we are in a situation where we have to do something.' I think they're afraid of their players, you want to know the truth. And I think it's disgraceful."

Fox News Goes Full Blown State Run Media By Helping Trump Lie About Obamacare Repeal

Trump did an interview on Fox and Friends where he was allowed to blatantly lie about why Obamacare repeal has failed to pass, as the network did what any propaganda outlet does by disregarding the truth.

Trump Confirms Classified Intel and Tips Off N. Korea With One Brainless Retweet

Trump confirmed intelligence that the US had picked up to North Korea by retweeting a Fox News story that contained leaked classified intelligence from an anonymous government official.

Kellyanne Conway Tries To Attack The Grand Jury Investigating Trump And Humiliates Herself

Kellyanne Conway tried to attack the grand jury that is looking into the Trump/Russia scandal and humiliated herself by not knowing that grand juries aren't secret.

Trump’s Attack On Mika Brzezinski Backfires As Morning Joe Beats Fox And Friends

Trump's attack on MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski backfired completely on the President. Instead of hurting the MSNBC program, Morning Joe's ratings increased by 70%, and the show beat Trump's favorite program, Fox and Friends.

Kellyanne Conway Tells People Who Trump Is Kicking Off Health Insurance To Get A Job

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told all of the people who are going to lose their healthcare because of Trump to get a job.

Fox News May Have Gotten Trump Jailed Or Impeached With Question About Comey Tapes

Legal experts say Donald Trump added to his legal jeopardy and the potential obstruction of justice case against him during an interview on Fox News. The part of the interview that added to Trump’s woes was set up by a Fox and Friends host flattering the President by saying he was smart to lie about the Comey tapes. read more