Mike Pence Makes A Fool Out Of Himself Trying To Defend Trump’s Paris Agreement Decision

Vice President Mike Pence went beyond the usual Republican argument against combating climate change, and instead foolishly claimed that he has no idea why the world, which he characterized as the left, is concerned about climate change.

Trump Just Proved With A Single Tweet That Fox News Is Running The White House

Despite being told by his own lawyers not to tweet about the Russia scandal, Donald Trump fired off an enraged tweet about Carter Page after watching a segment on Fox and Friends, which proves that America has a president who is being guided by a news network that fakes and scripts its segments.

After Watching Fox News, Trump Flips Out And Calls For A Government Shutdown

Senate aides are reporting that after watching the morning news shows, a.k.a. Fox and Friends, Donald Trump reversed course on the government funding bill and is now calling for a government shutdown.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasts Fox News For False Statement About Comey Testimony

CNN's Jake Tapper called out Fox and Friends for making a false statement while trying to downplay FBI Director James Comey's disclosure that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign for coordinating with Russia during the 2016 election.

Kellyanne Conway Falls Flat On Her Face As White House Questions Her Lie On Trump Secret Intel

Less than two hours after Kellyanne Conway made the statement that Trump had secret intelligence evidence that Obama wiretapped him, it was reported that the White House is also leaving open the possibility that what Trump said wasn't true.

Trump Accidentally Reveals That His Entire Economic Plan Is Based On BS

During an interview on Fox and Friends, President Trump revealed that the basis for all of his economic plans is a hope that the economy grows at three percent during his presidency when all economic and workforce projections predict a grow of 1.8-1.9%. In other words, Trump's entire plan is based on fantasy BS.

Trump Digs His Hole Deeper By Going On Fox News To Escalate Attacks On John Lewis

Donald Trump Fox and Friends

The president-elect is only making matters worse by continuing to lash out at the civil rights icon.

Donald Trump Attacks African American Pastor Who Cut Off His Political Attacks

In a phone interview littered with unchallenged lies, Donald Trump told Fox and Friends on Thursday morning "something was up" with the Flint, Michigan pastor who cut him off when he launched into a political attack on Hillary Clinton in her church.

Mike Pence Bursts Into Laughter Over Trump’s Claim He’ll Win 95% of African-American Vote

Mike Pence laughs at Trump

During an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump's own running mate, Mike Pence laughed out loud when he was asked about Trump's claim that he will win 95% of the African-American vote in 2020.

A Crazed Trump Proclaims Body Language Expertise And Blames Obama For Hatred Of Cops

Donald Trump is giving voters a taste of what they are in for this week, as the presumptive Republican nominee went on Fox News and proclaimed that President Obama has secret body language that shows that he hates cops.

Trump Suggests Only Those Who Give Him Money Will Have White House Access

Trump suggested during a Sunday morning interview that only those Republicans who donate to his presidential campaign will have access to his White House.

One Single Stupid Lie Shows How Trump And Fox News Are Endangering America

While appearing on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump told one lie that demonstrated why both the presumptive Republican nominee and Fox News are endangering America.

Marco Rubio Makes Himself Unelectable By Launching A Classless Attack On President Obama

Marco Rubio went on Fox News and embarrassed himself while trying to attack President Obama.

Clueless Scott Walker Gets The Patriot Act Wrong While Lying About President Obama

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) got the status of the Patriot Act wrong and launched into a new big lie while blaming President Obama for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's crushing defeat on renewing provisions of the Patriot Act.

Ann Coulter Claims Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz Are Afraid to Debate ‘Smart’ Conservatives

Ann Coulter has completely departed from reality with her claim that Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are not Republican slayers, but cowards who are afraid to debate smart conservatives.

Sarah Palin Thanks The Media for Doing Her Dirty Work and Getting Martin Bashir Fired

On Fox and Friends today, Sarah Palin thanked the mainstream media for once again doing her bidding by getting Martin Bashir fired.

Fox News Blames Obama For Jay Leno Getting The Boot From The Tonight Show

With all of the critical issues facing our country today, Fox News thinks that President Obama took the time to get Jay Leno booted as host of the Tonight Show.

A Hilarious Fox Fail Ensues When They Try to Blame Democrats for Detroit’s Problems

Steve Doocy desperately tried to get reporter/author Charlie LeDuff to blame Democrats for Detroit's problems only to watch LeDuff list the corrupt Republicans in the city's history.

Fake Rich Guy Donald Trump Embraces Socialism and Supports Taxing the Wealthy

After previously claiming that raising taxes on the rich would destroy America, Donald Trump went on Fox News today and supported increasing taxes on the wealthy.