Fox News Goes Full Metal Tin Foil Hat with Claim Obama Blackmailed Petraeus

Fox News has taken their conspiracy claims for impeachment to new crazy places by claiming that Obama blackmailed Petraeus in order cover up Benghazi.

Fox News Doesn’t Factcheck and Gets Owned By a Fake Romney Supporter

Proving again that they don't fact or background check anything or anyone, Fox News humiliated themselves today by interviewing a stand up comedian posing as a Romney supporter on Fox and Friends.

Mittens Impossible: Romney Bombs on Fox News

Mitt Romney managed to do the impossible today. He bombed on Fox News by turning a softball question on his tax returns into a total word salad disaster.

A Depressed Fox News Revives Sarah Palin’s Pathetic Death Panel Lies

Dear Fox News, 2009 called and said they want their pathetic and stale Sarah Palin death panel talking point back.

Fox News Blames Poor Children for Romney’s Bad Poll Numbers

While looking for someone to blame for Mitt Romney's poll numbers, Fox News found the perfect excuse. Poor children are the reason why Romney isn't polling well.

Fox Unleashes Crazy Lady Sarah Palin To Claim Obama’s Unfit For Office

You know things are getting desperate when Fox News hosts the rumored mentally ill like Sarah Palin to claim Obama is unfit to hold office.

Fox News Combines Sex with Taxes to Sell Millionaire Propaganda

Plunging Neckline Offers Propaganda Over Poor RIch People's Tax Cuts

This morning on Fox & Friends, a Fox Cheerleader in a plunging neckline meant to distract the viewer from the obvious dishonesty in her argument sold propaganda about how the poor rich folks needed those tax cuts for the trickle down jobs. Not even Juan Williams could rein in his shock at the audacity of her talking points.

Fox News Accuses NPR of Offensive and Biased Coverage

Today on Fox and Friends Fox News continued the right wing attack on NPR, as they now claimed that George Soros got Juan Williams fired because he recently donated $1.8 million to NPR. Steve Doocy claimed that, "NPR has a bone to pick and an axe to grind with Fox News." Brian Kilmeade accused NPR of, "a history of biased and offensive coverage."

Fox News Freaks Out Over Stewart/Colbert Rally

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have managed to completely freak out Fox News as evidenced on Fox and Friends this morning, when the network had it's propaganda crew claiming that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rally won't outdraw Glenn Beck's. Brian Kilmeande asked, "How can you possibly outdraw Glenn Beck?"

Fox News Finds Hidden Messages in Obama’s Iraq Speech

On Fox and Friends this morning the panel claimed that President Obama's Iraq speech contained hidden messages about a second stimulus and cap and trade, and that using the term "middle class" was a buzz word. Eric Bolling said, "We must jump start industries, sounds to me like stimulus, and end our dependence on foreign oil, sounds to me like cap and trade."

Michele Bachmann Claims there is Absolutely No Evidence of Tea Party Racism

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) showed up on Fox and Friends today to claim that there is absolutely no evidence of racism in the Tea Party. Bachmann said, "The assertions that were made by some of my colleagues during the health care debate, there's no record of it. Nothing on audio tape, nothing."

Rudy Giuliani Touts Drilling ANWR as the Answer to the Gulf Oil Spill

Rudy Giuliani became the latest Republican this morning to go on Fox News and blame environmentalists for the oil spill in the Gulf. On Fox and Friends Unbelievably, he touted drilling ANWR, "The reason they're drilling out there is because environmentalists have prevented us from drilling closer and in places like ANWR."

Fox News Claims that the Bible Opposes Abortion

Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends delivered another one of the Fox News patented Biblical justifications for right wing policy today when he made the claim that the Bible opposes abortion. While criticizing Nancy Pelosi for having faith and being pro-life, He said, "Newsflash: the Bible does not like abortion."

Fox News Threatens Sarah Palin Book Author Joe McGinniss

Fox News issued a warning and a thinly veiled threat to investigative journalist and author Joe McGinniss, who is writing a book about Sarah Palin, Alaska, and the oil industry. On Fox and Friends today, Steve Doocy said, "Mr. McGinniss if you're watching right now, I would be very careful wearing hats out there because in the wrong hat, in the wrong light, could appear to be antlers."

Fox News Labels Shakira A Liar on AZ Immigration Law

Fox News went on the attack today against Colombian pop singer Shakira, because she was in Arizona yesterday speaking out against that state's immigration law. This morning on Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade said, "We know her hips don't lie, but we aren't so sure about her lips." Because the singer dared to criticize a Fox News supported policy, she now joins LL Cool J on their enemies list.