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One Year Ago: Fox Business Host Trish Regan Accused Democrats of Politicizing the Coronavirus

A year ago, Trish Regan, then a host on Fox Business, accused Democrats of politicizing Covid-19, which at the time was responsible for just 26 deaths across the United States. Now, as the nation engages in the largest global vaccination effort in modern history, Regan’s remarks look even more foolish––and dangerous. According to data from…


Republican Senator John Barrasso: “We Will Not Delay the Election”

A Republican senator has categorically ruled out delaying the presidential election following Donald Trump’s tweet on the subject Thursday morning, causing widespread condemnation. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso told Fox Business that the election would not be delayed. He repeated his position several times as host Stuart Varney pushed him on mail-in ballots. “I think we’re…

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