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James Comer Is Now Throwing Chuck Grassley Under The Bus As Biden Impeachment Implodes

James Comer Is Now Throwing Chuck Grassley Under The Bus As Biden Impeachment Implodes

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is now throwing Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) under the bus as Biden impeachment crumbles.

4 months ago

Republicans Embarrass America With Disgraceful Trainwreck Debate

The second Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library was a disgraceful embarrassment of a trainwreck that may have actually…

9 months ago

Trump Claims Democrats Are Angry About His Indictment

Trump has now convinced himself that both Democrats and Republicans are angry that he has been indicted in Georgia.

10 months ago

Rep. James Comer Calls MSNBC Viewers Low IQ As His Biden Pay For Play Scandal Flops

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) complained about the media not covering his debunked Biden pay for play allegations…

1 year ago

Trump Continues To Kill Republicans With False Claim That 3rd Booster Shot Is A Cash Grab

Donald Trump would like for people to think that he is completely responsible for the COVID-19 vaccine being developed in…

3 years ago

WATCH: Fox Business’ Stuart Varney Whines That Biden’s Child Tax Credit Will be Very Popular and Make Republicans Look Bad

When Joe Biden was running for office, he said that he would work to benefit all Americans whether they voted…

3 years ago

WATCH: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Stops Dr. Ben Carson From Pushing Hydroxychloroquine

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump aggressively pushed the drug hydroxychloroquine. Doctors suggested that, at best,…

3 years ago

Fox Business Producer Dies of Covid-19

Eric Spinato, who worked as the head booker and senior story editor for Fox Business, died Sunday of Covid-19. "I’m…

3 years ago

One Year Ago: Fox Business Host Trish Regan Accused Democrats of Politicizing the Coronavirus

A year ago, Trish Regan, then a host on Fox Business, accused Democrats of politicizing Covid-19, which at the time…

3 years ago

Lou Dobbs Asks Why Trump Would Respond to “Evil and Sinister” Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump has a lot of supporters in conservative cable news, but few defend the ex-President more than Lou Dobbs.…

3 years ago

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Says It’s Racist to Claim That Systemic Racism Exists

Activists have been talking about systemic racism for a number of years. But the problem came to a head in…

3 years ago

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Absolutely Destroys “Coward” Mitch McConnell

When Donald Trump was seeking the Republican nomination in 2016, Lindsey Graham delivered a warning to his party. "If we…

3 years ago

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Says Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy Showed “Utter Disregard of the President’s Right to Loyalty”

Donald Trump will soon be out of the White House. He will, however, loom over the party for years to…

3 years ago

Lou Dobbs Thinks Lawmakers Are Being “Melodramatic” About the Storming of the Capitol

The ideas and actions of Donald Trump have become more and more difficult to defend over the last 4 years.…

3 years ago

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Yells At Stephen Miller for Letting Trump “Fight Alone”

During the morning and afternoon, most of the Fox network anchors discuss Joe Biden as the "President-Elect." But once 6:00…

4 years ago

WATCH: Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs Trump Won in an “Absolute Landslide” and His Presidency “Can Be Saved”

In the days of Donald Trump, the Republican party has been more and more willing to buy into conspiracy theories.…

4 years ago

Trump Admits He’s Trying To Stop Mail-In Voting With USPS Sabotage

Trump admitted that he is trying to stop mail-in votes from being counted with USPS sabotage during a Thursday Fox…

4 years ago

Republican Senator John Barrasso: “We Will Not Delay the Election”

A Republican senator has categorically ruled out delaying the presidential election following Donald Trump's tweet on the subject Thursday morning,…

4 years ago

Trump Falls Apart And Claims The Coronavirus Is Going To Disappear

Trump said that everything is going to go well with the coronavirus because it is just going to sort of…

4 years ago

Trump Suggests Obama and Biden Should Be in Jail for “Obamagate”

Donald Trump has suggested that Barack Obama and Joe Biden should be in prison. The President blamed the two Democrats…

4 years ago

Fox’s Lou Dobbs Mulls War with China if Coronavirus Is “A Biological Weapon”

Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs has floated the idea of war with China as a result of Covid-19. Dobbs advanced…

4 years ago

Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Republican Senators On Vote For Witnesses

Donald Trump Jr. made a clear threat to moderate Senate Republicans and warned them against voting for witnesses outside of…

4 years ago

Lou Dobbs Takes Propaganda To New Level In Trump Interview By Calling Russia Dossier ‘Debunked’

It's been a long time since Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs stopped pretending to be an actual journalist, but his…

7 years ago

Watch Mentally Gone Trump Break Down Into Incoherent Babble When Asked About Tax Cuts

Trump declining mental state was evident when he was asked about tax cuts for high-income earners, and he melted down…

7 years ago

Watch As Trump Tries To Hide Behind John Kelly And It Blows Up In His Face

During an interview on Fox Business, Donald Trump tried to hide behind John Kelly but only made things worse for…

7 years ago

Trump Just Gave An Answer To Fox That Shows He’s Completely Lost Touch With Reality

In a single answer to Fox Business, Donald Trump revealed that he is totally delusional.

8 years ago

How Fox News Not so Subtly Endorses the Idea of Killing Hillary Clinton

Meet Fox's "I'm not saying, I'm just saying" routine, planting the idea somebody should be killed without actually saying they…

8 years ago

Rand Paul Petulantly Flips Off GOP and Fox News for His Fans

Rand Paul gave the finger to everyone else for his failed campaign, staging a virtual rally at Twitter for those…

8 years ago

Fox News Suspends Contributor Who Cursed At President Obama For 2 Weeks

Fox News has suspended contributor Ralph Peters for two weeks after Peters cursed at the Commander In Chief on live…

9 years ago

Republicans Rig Their Own Debate By Scrubbing Fox Business Questions

Candidates in the Fox Business undercard debate didn't answer questions, they just gave stump speeches to questions they wanted to…

9 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Post-Holiday Edition

Fox "News" has been slowly sliding into bat-guano-crazy territory ever since protests erupted following Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson on…

9 years ago

Former Reagan Adviser Art Laffer Laughably States That Stimulus Caused The Recession

In what had to be one of the dumbest segments in television history, Laffer tried to make the case that…

10 years ago

Fox Business Analyst Neil Cavuto Says Answer to Record Heat is to Drill More

Neil Cavuto thinks if we drill our record heat will be a problem of the past and that while our…

12 years ago