For the First Time in 20 Years Both MSNBC and CNN Beat Fox News in Ratings

Last week had a number of major political events. On Monday, Donald Trump made a stump speech in Dalton Georgia. On Tuesday, Americans eagerly awaiting the results of the Georgia senate race.

On Wednesday, viewers tuned in to see the election challenge being mounted by Trump loyalists in the House and Senate. As the fight began, though, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. read more

Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly Want the FBI to Oversee Counting on Final Ballots

Sean Hannity embarrasses himselt trying to attack AOC

Donald Trump is not having a good day. He felt much better about things on Tuesday night before the counting of the ballots that had been received by mail. But now he’s in full feral mode and attacking everyone and everything.

And as always, he’s being egged on and encouraged by his friends at Fox News. On his Wednesday radio show, Sean Hannity invited Bill O’Reilly on his show to discuss how, the election is being taken away from Trump.

Hannity began by asking his guest if he thought the election had been fair.

Well, I’d want somebody to investigate it,” O’Reilly replied. “So I think federal agents should be there now in Detroit and Philadelphia and Las Vegas and they should be looking at the complaints that the Trump campaign was denied access to see the mail-in ballots, there should be FBI agents there now. Why wait a week? This is when it’s happening so why isn’t that happening? I mean I think America.”

The two men then discussed Rudy Giuliani‘s recent campaign stunt. The former New York City Mayor introduced  a man to the press who claimed that he was turned away from being a Pennsylvania poll watcher.

O’Reilly claimed that he “wasn’t a conspiracy guy,” before bring up a conspiracy theory. He told Hannity, “

I don’t think there is one person who voted for Donald Trump that thinks there wasn’t chicanery in Las Vegas or Philadelphia or Detroit.” read more

New Poll Provides Evidence That Fox News Is A Danger to America

hannity interview trump

The Daily Beast published a new poll this morning that appears to prove the existence of a frightening “Fox News Bubble.” It shows that nearly eight in 10 Republicans — 78 percent — who watch the right-wing news network believe Donald Trump is the most successful president in history.

The poll also shows that Republicans who don’t watch Fox News have very different political opinions than Republicans who do watch Fox News.

For example, just 49 percent of Republicans who DON’T watch Fox News believe Trump’s presidency is successful.

With nearly 80 percent of those who do watch the conservative network believing Trump has been fabulously successful, this shows that their propaganda is working.

This is the most compelling evidence yet that Fox is able to strongly influence the political views of a large number of its viewers.


According to the Daily Beast:

“The survey’s authors say Fox News presents an “alternative reality” to its largely conservative viewers, and plays an “outsize role” in shaping the political and even scientific views for a significant portion of American voters.”

For example, Republicans who don’t watch are nearly twice as likely to believe climate change is driven by human activity, compared to just 12 percent of Republicans who do watch Fox News.


Nearly the same number of Republican Fox News viewers  (79 percent) who believe Trump is the most successful president ever also believe the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are trying to sabotage the president.

Slightly less than half — 49 percent — of non-Fox News Republicans believe Trump was the victim of such a conspiracy, and just 8 percent of registered voters who don’t watch the network agree.

This shows that Trump and Fox News have worked together to attack the FBI and other American institutions.

According to the poll:

“Where Republican partisan affiliation and the Fox News echo-chamber overlap, there is near unanimity on the politics and even the facts defining the Trump presidency. This is the ‘FoxHole.’”

“This particular segment of the public is so vastly different from the rest, it may serve progressives best to focus their attention on everyone else.”

The poll also found that Fox News viewers are far more aware of progressive issues, such as the Green New Deal, than those who get their news elsewhere, because the network relentlessly attacks progressive ideas and policy proposals.


We have reported many times that Donald Trump has lied and told falsehoods more than any president in U.S. History. And many people have wondered how he can get away with this and still have the support of about 40% of the American electorate.

This new survey provides empirical evidence that Trump has been greatly helped by the Fox News propaganda machine that faithfully repeats his lies and supports everything he does.  We recently reported that Fox News plans to work with Trump to undermine the final report that will be issued by Robert Mueller.


Chris Wallace Rips Into Stephen Miller on Fox News

Stephen Miller and Chris Wallace on Fox News

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday challenged right-wing White House aide Stephen Miller about the need for a wall on the southern U.S. border. He also confronted Miller about the lies he tells about immigration and drugs.

Stephen Miller talks about the national security threat at the border”

In his interview on Fox News Sunday, Wallace told Miller that between 80 and 90 percent of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl, are seized at U.S. border crossings where there is no need for a wall.

But all Miller did was complain that President George W. Bush failed to protect American citizens against immigrants crossing the border illegally. And he didn’t like it when Wallace confronted him with the facts.

“Four times as many people were coming across the border in 2000 as compared to now,” Wallace pointed out to the Trump adviser. “So why is that a national emergency?”

“I can go down to the details as much as you want to,” Miller replied.

“But please don’t,” Wallace sarcastically replied. Then Miller added:

“You cannot conceive of a nation without a strong, secure border. It is essential to sovereignty and national survival to have control over who does and who doesn’t enter the country.”

“There’s been a huge increase in drug deaths since George W. Bush and Barack Obama were president.”

At that point the Fox News host confronted Miller directly, saying:

“But 80 to 90 percent of those drugs don’t come across in unfenced areas. They come across from ports of entry. Those are your own Customs and Border Patrol numbers.”

At which point Miller said:

“Which is why we also asked for additional resources at the ports of entry.”

Wallace then responded by saying, “Which you got [in the recent DHS bill signed by Trump].”

Miller, however, suggested that the U.S. needed screeners “at that same density across every inch and mile of the southern border.”

You don’t know what you don’t know,” he continued. “You don’t catch what you don’t catch… This is defending our own country!”

“I question whether or not that’s, in fact, the case,” Wallace commented.

At the conclusion of the tense interview, Wallace acknowledged that it had been difficult to counter all Miller’s talking points.

“It’s always a challenge interviewing you,” Wallace remarked.

As is typical, Stephen Miller reaches conclusions based on his anti-immigrant opinions instead of on the facts. But the majority of the American people don’t agree with Miller’s — or Trump’s — opinions on the so-called immigration “crisis.” In fact most Americans don’t think that there is a crisis. And, as this interview points out, if there is a crisis, it exists mostly in the mind of Stephen Miller — and Donald Trump.

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview. read more

Fox & Friends Blames Americans for Lower Tax Refunds

Fox News guests and hosts had a big laugh Thursday morning at the smaller tax refunds being received by millions of Americans.

Most working people who have filed 2018 tax returns so far have been surprised at getting smaller tax refunds — or owing more in taxes — after they had assumed their refunds would be bigger because of Trump’s tax cut bill.

Charles Payne, the host of “Making Money with Charles Payne” on the Fox Business Network, was a guest on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the situation faced by the people who are upset about seeing a big decrease in their tax refund. The segment opened with the statistic that there has been an 8.4 percent decline in the average tax refund compared to 2018.

Payne explained to the “Fox & Friends” hosts the reason for the decline:

“Here’s the thing: For the most part, the IRS is telling everyone that they just simply did not make the proper adjustments on their withholdings at the beginning of the year. So they have been making all of this money.” read more

Trump Released Classified Materials Because Fox News Asked Him To

It has never been more clear that Fox News is making executive decisions for the President of the United States. Donald Trump watches Fox News for hours every day (and night) and there have been many stories about how he has been influenced by the conservative news channel.

On Monday, President Donald Trump’s White House released a statement demanding the Department of Justice release all documents relating to the Russia Investigation.

Now we have found out that Trump issued the order to declassify top-secret materials because he was asked to by Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Jeanine Pirro of Fox News.

Trump declassified sensitive materials because Fox News hosts Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Jeanine Pirro asked him to. Materials that he never bothered to read himself and his own Justice Department said couldn’t be released without jeopardizing ongoing investigations.”

Trump declassified sensitive materials because Fox News hosts Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Jeanine Pirro asked him to. Materials that he never bothered to read himself and his own Justice Department said couldn’t be released without jeopardizing ongoing investigations. read more