Fox News Poll: Obama Leads McCain by 3

ImageToday Fox News and Opinion Dynamics released a new national poll that finds at tight race nationally between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. The poll finds that Obama leads McCain 42%-39%. Ralph Nader gets 4%, and Bob Barr is at 2%. If the names of the candidates are removed and voters are asked if they will vote Democratic or Republican, Democrats lead 42%-35%.

McCain Campaign Lied About Town Hall Meeting

ImageRepublican presidential candidate John McCain held a town hall meeting in New York City that was carried live on Fox News tonight that was billed as town hall with Democrats and Independents. The problem is that this wasn't really true. The McCain campaign pre-screened the audience, and invited only supporters to attend.

Will Obama’s Running Mate Come from Virginia?

ImageVirginia has supplied more presidents to the U.S. than any other state. In 2008, could the state provide the running mate that propels Barack Obama to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The Old Dominion has seen a shift in demographics that has it trending Democratic, and it features no less than three intriguing running mate possibilities.

So Far, Democrat Criticisms of McCain Fall Flat

ImageWhile Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton get all the MSM attention, GOP nominee-in-waiting John McCain continues his straight talk tour under the radar, holding fundraisers, making "town hall" appearances, giving speeches, etc. The Democrats can't afford to let McCain go unchallenged altogether while their two candidates are roughing each other up.

ABC Asks Right Questions at Democrat Debate

ImageMuch has been made about ABC's failure to ask policy-related questions during the crucial Pennsylvania debate Wednesday. Moderators George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson have come in for particularly stiff criticism from the Obama-supporting web. Regardless, ABC did the proper thing by ignoring the "real" issues.

The Also-Rans: Rudy Giuliani

ImageWell, it has been about two weeks since I contributed the first part of my comprehensive look at the Presidential candidates that have fallen by the wayside. I do apologize for the delay, but apparently I forgot about Opening Day in St. Louis, which was last week.