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Tucker Carlson Defends Domestic Terrorists Who Called Pelosi’s Office Looking For Evidence They Left Behind

Tucker Carlson claimed that the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol were innocent because they called Pelosi's office to claim…

1 week ago

Sean Hannity’s Texts Rip The News Mask Off Of Fox News

Sean Hannity's texts are written proof that Fox News is not a news network, and needs to stop being treated…

3 weeks ago

Fox, Which Continues to Spread Vaccine Disinformation, Is Now Requiring All Workers to Be Vaccinated

The Fox Corporation announced that it would drop its COVID-19 testing option and is requiring all employees who work in…

1 month ago

Jim Acosta Tells Fox News, “You’ve Been Busted On Your Bulls*it”

Jim Acosta had a message for Fox News that they have been busted on their BS about the 1/6 attack.

1 month ago

Chris Wallace Quits Fox News On The Air And Bolts For CNN

Chris Wallace dropped a surprise on Sunday as he announced on his show that he is immediately leaving Fox News.

1 month ago

As Donald Trump Jr. Talks About America First, Fox News Shows A Pic Of Trump And Putin

It seems that even the friendly media at Fox News can't hide the fact that Trump's America First is really…

1 month ago

Coward Kevin McCarthy Isn’t Going To Punish Lauren Boebert

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy launched a cowardly attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and defended Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO)…

2 months ago

Research Show Fox News Is Killing Republicans With COVID

Research has connected viewing Fox News with taking the pandemic less seriously, getting sick, and dying.

2 months ago

Fox News And Tucker Carlson Are Tampering With 1/6 Committee Witnesses

Tucker Carlson engaged in witness tampering as he nudged a 1/6 Committee witness not to comply with a subpoena.

2 months ago

Trump Spent $765,000 On Golf Cart Rentals, But Fox News Melts Down Over Kamala Harris Buying Some Pots And Pans

Fox News is having a meltdown because Vice President Harris spent $500 of her own money on pots and pans…

2 months ago

Just 20 People Showed Up To Mike Lindell’s Fox News Protest

Mike Lindell held a protest outside of Fox News to demand more election fraud coverage and just 10-20 people showed…

2 months ago

Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge Extremism Is Causing Contributors To Quit Fox News

Steven Hayes and Jonah Goldberg were two regular faces on Fox News who quit over Tucker Carlson's "Patriot Purge" documentary.

2 months ago

Cracks In The Fox News Front: Steve Doocy Winces as Brian Kilmeade Rants Against the “Woke” In Aaron Rogers Scandal

If one ever wants to peer through the solid wall of agreement that the MAGA-Right enjoys presenting to the world,…

3 months ago

Fox News In Disarray As Chris Wallace Sets Up Liz Cheney To Call Tucker Carlson Un-American

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Liz Cheney said that anyone spreading the 1/6 false flag lie is…

3 months ago

President Biden Just Busted Fox News And Called Their Report Garbage

While taking questions from reporters, President Biden called out Peter Doocy and Fox News for pushing "garbage."

3 months ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens to Shut Down Telecomms Companies If They Hand Over Phone Records to 1/6 Commission

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) claimed she would "shut down" any telecommunications companies if they comply with a request from…

5 months ago

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Our Country Has Become Too Woke to Deal With a Problem Like Afghanistan

The job of the anchors on Fox News has never been to accurately report the news. At least not for…

5 months ago

WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Claims That When Trump Was President, You Didn’t See “Crisis After Crisis”

Kayleigh McEnany did not exactly develop a sterling reputation when she served as Donald Trump's press secretary. During her first…

5 months ago

Listen: Fox News’ Sean Hannity Says the Only Option is For the US to Reinvade Afghanistan

Over the last number of  years, 3 different presidents have had the opportunity to finally pull troops of out of…

5 months ago

WATCH: Fox’s Faulkner Says if Kamala Harris Cares About Women She’ll Go to Afghanistan and “Own It”

After the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump, it can be easy to forget that Kamala Harris is the country's first…

5 months ago

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