The Culture of Lawlessness in Rupert Murdoch’s Newsrooms

Nixon/Murdoch "I am not a crook!"

Scotland Yard’s evidence indicated that hundreds of celebrities, government officials, soccer stars, etc had been targets of Murdoch’s News of the World cell phone hackers. Scotland Yard looked the other way as Murdoch hacked into phones of both private citizens and the Royal Family, and again as Murdoch's editor was installed as communications aide to Tory PM Cameron.

Fox Flakes Out and Worries that Democratic Lame Ducks Will Roar

I’m tellin’ ya’, you’re going to be hearing a lot about how lame ducks shouldn’t be doing anything – because, well, if they were to do something, it would be more liberal legislation than the Republicans want. In order to avoid this, Republicans are attempting the preemptive strike against lame duck legislation. This is, of course, the opposite of what the Republicans thought when they were the lame ducks and they did small things like impeach a president.

Sarah Palin Goes Wasilla Thug on Karl Rove

Palin went all Tea Party gangsta on Karl Rove for Rove's accurate analysis of the threat O'Donnell poses the GOP's big dreams of taking the senate back this fall. Tonight on the The O'Reilly Factor, Palin called Karl out, issuing a few body blows to the Great White Thug in round one of the battle for the helm of the GOP.

The Right Pretends Their Last Three Weeks of Bigotry Never Happened

yesterday, after weeks of ginning up hate, we had the RNC talking point denial of stoking violence memo via Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page and Boehner tried it on ABC News' Good Morning America --a mistake- he was obviously more concerned with his tan than any sort of real leadership on this issue and he sounded like a spoiled frat boy. The one thing we heard in all of their CYA talking points puppetry was a rather petty and obvious comparison of burning books to building a community center. Today is the day when we are supposed to forget how we got here.

Sarah Palin Followers Add Fox News to Their Hit List

Sarah Palin wraps self in Jesus Flag so you can't criticize

There’s a real dilemma going on in Sarah Land these days! Sarah fans, who’ve already taken an oath not to believe anything the Lame Stream Media writes about their hero, are now adding Fox News to that list. In a nod to that other great paranoiac, Nixon, apparently the only Word that can be trusted is Sarah’s. “The Gov’s” (as they affectionately call her per her contract) books, her Facebok page, and her tweets will shape the world of her cult from now on, thank you very much!

The Hackery and Mendacity of a FOX News Legal Propagandist

We should not expect much out of FOX when it comes to reporting the news. Sure, it can be argued that there is no news that is undistorted by spin, but there is spin and there is propaganda, and there is outright fiction. If you are going to step before a camera and say something, it should at least be made clear to the watcher if what you're saying is fact or fiction. Peter J. Johnson, Jr., graduate of Columbia College and Columbia University's School of Law and has served them as a legal propagandist since 1997.

The Faux Hotties of FOX News

A Christian watchdog group complained in 2007 that they "see shorter skirts on the women of Fox News than...on the prostitutes being arrested on cop shows." The thighs and breasts remain. The Family Values network? No, more of a fund-raising network now - and sex sells.

A Confused and Clueless Palin Doesn’t Know What a Stimulus Package is

Sarah Palin was on Fox News' Freedom Watch yesterday with Andrew Napolitano (the "Judge") to discuss the utter badness of Obama's stimulus package (not to be confused or repudiated with his "cajones", people---keep it clean, we leave the vulgar stuff to the Sister Sarah). So Sarah was tossin' around those buzz words like "feds bribin' the states" and she was feelin' pretty good. Sarah loves being the attack dog and it looked like she was in her element.....Until The Judge asked her if she was upset about the Bush stimulus package and TARP. This is where poor Sarah teetered and fell right off her talking points into the great abyss of Things She Doesn't Understand.

Fox News Hangs Sharron Angle Out To Dry

Even Fox News isn't Safe for Sharron Angle

Fox News Network, the champion if not creator of the Tea Party, hung Tea Party “rape can be made into lemonade” nut job Sharron Angle (R-NV) out to dry earlier this week. Perhaps Fox is miffed over losing their favorite, the chicken lady, to run against that evil of humanity, Harry Reid and so felt compelled to use poor Sharron Angle to demonstrate their “balance” by annihilating her on Cavuto’s “Your World”

All American Coca-Cola Shuns a Toxic Glenn Beck

Ah, the sweet fizz of justice on a Friday morning. Yes, Coca-Cola, that all-American – dare I say REAL American?! – beverage company has decided that it is not right for their image to advertise on Glenn Beck. This is most upsetting for those who have been sneering at sane people everywhere that Glenn Beck is an entertainer for god’s sake, you over sensitive Lefty!