Rachel Maddow Is Crushing Fox News With Viewers That Democrats Need To Get Out To The Polls

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is beating Fox News with the exact kind of viewers that Democrats need to get to the polls to be able to take back Congress in November.

Fox News Paints Jim Jordan As The Real Victim In Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

Fox News Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his Fox News allies made it sound like he was the real victim, not the six Ohio State wrestlers who told him that they were being abused as he turned a blind eye.

Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Rod Rosenstein And Hillary Clinton For His Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal In Fox News Freak Out

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) freaks out on Fox News and tries to blame Rod Rosenstein and Hillary Clinton for his wrestler sex abuse scandal.

MSNBC And CNN Are Now Giving Trump Virtually Nothing In Free Advertising

The cable news landscape has changed. MSNBC and CNN no longer give Trump and his rallies millions of dollars in free advertising.

Joy Reid Connects The Dots And Exposes The Dangerous Trump/Fox News Connection

Joy Reid

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Joy Reid put the pieces together and illustrated how the Trump/Fox News connection goes beyond friendly coverage and into the kind of state-run media that keep the dangerous Trump presidency hanging on.

Trump Hires Fox News Sexual Assault Enabler Bill Shine For His White House Staff

Trump has closed the circle on both his relationship with Fox News and sexual assault by hiring the Fox News boss who is accused of enabling covering up the sexual harassment and sexual assault culture at Fox.

Trump Threatens Violence Against Democrats If They Continue To Protest Him

When asked on Fox News about bringing the country together, Trump threatened to use his political base violently against Democrats.


Trump said in response to a question about bringing the country together, “I think some of the things that are said are terrible. And you know, it’s our people are so incredible — do you know, there’s probably never been a base in the history of politics in this country like my base. I hope the other side realizes that they better just take it easy. They better just take it easy because some of the language used, some of the words used, even some of the radical ideas I really think they are very bad for the country. I think they are actually very dangerous for the country.” read more

Trump Is Almost Begging People Not To Vote For Democrats

Trump's said that he feels good about the midterms, but his tone of practically begging people not to vote for Democrats suggested that he feels the blue wave coming.

Fox News Checks To See If Capital Gazette Was Liberal And Deserved Mass Shooting

Five people are dead and many more injured in a mass shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland, but Fox News was busy checking to see if the newspaper is liberal or supports Democrats.

Fox News Is About To Officially Take Over The White House

Trump is about to name former sexual harassment enabler and Fox News boss, Bill Shine, as White House Communications Director, which will make the Fox News takeover of White House messaging official.

Fox News Suspends Former Trump Advisor After Racist Attack On Black Guest

Fox News has suspended ex-Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie for two weeks for telling after he told an African-American guest that he was out of his cotton picking mind.


Bossie was arguing with Democratic strategist Joel Payne when he said, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.” read more

Sinclair Forces Its 193 Stations to Air Pro-Trump Propaganda on Family Separations

This week the 193 local news channels owned by The Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation informed their viewers that “dishonest liberals” were trying to fool them into thinking that the Trump administration had been separating migrant children from their families, in a cruel effort to deter migrant refugees from seeking asylum in the United States. read more

Fox News Is Nightmarishly Defending Trump’s Child Concentration Camps

Fox News is offering a full-throated defense of Trump putting children in cages, as the kids having it good.

Giuliani Makes Shocking Admissions About Trump on Fox News

Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News again Saturday for the third time this week and used the opportunity to defend Donald Trump while attacking Robert Mueller and James Comey.  Rudy’s rambling rant was unhinged and made about as much sense as Trump’s tweets on Thursday that apparently were written by a lawyer. read more

The Crazy Grows As Trump Tries To Make Syria Policy On Twitter

The craziness that comes out of the Trump administration every day is almost too much to keep track of.  And his Twitter account still hasn’t been shut down, which should have happened a long time ago in the interests of national security.   read more

How Fox News Personalities Use Trump To Run Our Nation

Scott Pruitt should find himself in jeopardy of losing his job.

However, yesterday Mr. Trump called Mr. Pruitt, a “good man,” while refusing to comment on questions regarding questionable ethical behavior engaged in by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Administrator.  Mr. Trump added: read more

Bill O’Reilly Says Benghazi Committee Should Have Listened to Him

Bill O'Reilly thinks he knows how to question Hillary Clinton, as though he is any better with facts than the Benghazi Committee

Veterans Group Demands That Fox News Take Bill O’Reilly Off The Air

A leading veterans group is calling on Fox News to take Bill O'Reilly off the air after it was uncovered that Fox News host lied about his history as a war correspondent.