Fox Fight! Two Top Anchors Tangle Over Trump Taking Blame

Fox News personalities Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace got into a verbal sparring match on the air Friday over the topic of President Donald Trump’s responsibility for politically-based violence.  They could not agree about how much Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric in his rallies might have caused the “MAGA Bomber” to mail bombs to more than a dozen Democrats and Trump critics over the past week. read more

Fox News Blasted By Bipartisan Senators For Smearing Jamal Khashoggi

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont both criticized conservative media outlets like Fox News for smearing Jamal Khashoggi.

Fox News Dumps Live Trump Rally Coverage After Ratings Tank

Fox News has stopped covering Trump’s rallies live because they were drawing lower rating than their regular primetime programming.

Politico reported, “During three Trump rallies last week, Fox News showed clips and highlights from his speeches but stuck largely with its normal weekday prime-time programming. On Saturday, when “Fox Report Weekend” and “Justice with Judge Jeanine” would ordinarily air, the network showed Trump’s speech from Topeka, Kan., in full. But on Tuesday, a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was particularly hard to find — it was not aired live on any major network, and even C-SPAN cut away for other news. And on Wednesday night, as Trump took the stage in Erie, Pa., at 7 p.m., Fox News stuck with its coverage of Hurricane Michael.” read more

Fox News Hammers Trump For Demanding Op-Ed Writer Be Prosecuted

Fox News host Chris Wallace slammed President Donald Trump on Friday for demanding that U.S. Department of Justice prosecute the person who wrote the anonymous New York Times editorial.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace slams Trump for his ‘disturbing’ demand to prosecute NY Times op-ed writer read more

Trump Tries To Lie On Fox News And Gets Immediately Destroyed By Cohen Tape

Trump tried to lie in an interview about when he knew about the hush money payments on Fox News, but an audio tape that was already released by Michael Cohen proves that the president is not telling the truth.

Fox News Host Pirro Goes Off Deep End, Says Mueller Took Payoffs

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro introduced a totally crazy new theory about special prosecutor Bob Mueller during her Saturday night show. She said that the highly respected special counsel and former FBI Director is actually a criminal who will soon need his own attorney. She accused the straight-laced Mueller of taking money from a Russian billionaire, apparently in exchange for his investigation of President Donald Trump. read more

Fox Journalist Resigns: Sick of Being Part of a ‘Trump Propaganda Operation’

Fox News foreign correspondent Conor Powell abruptly resigned from his job Friday after nine years with the network. Based in Jerusalem, the well-regarded journalist announced his decision briefly in a Facebook post. He said he would be returning to his home in the United States. read more

Fox News Legal Analyst Explains Why Don Jr. Could Be Going to Jail

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday made very clear that in his opinion Donald Trump Jr. can now legally be charged for committing the crime of conspiracy.

The highly-respected Napolitano said this is true even if Russians did not give him damaging information about then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, as he and others have always maintained. read more

Fox News Attacks Trump For Banning CNN Reporter Who Asked Questions

Donald Trump really has to screw up for Fox News to turn on him.  We saw it happen earlier this month after Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin. That was such a treasonous disaster that a number of hosts on Fox News hosts went on air to publicly condemn him for it. read more

Sean Hannity To Give Roseanne A Platform To Spread Her Racist Hate

Sean Hannity excitedly announced that end of his show that he would be interviewing Roseanne Barr on Thursday night on Fox News.

Trump’s New Communications Chief Questioned By Federal Investigators In Sexual Harassment Probe

Current Trump White House communications official/former Fox News boss, Bill Shine, has been questioned by federal investigators in their investigation of the Fox News sexual harassment scandal.

Fox News Was Just Tougher On Putin Than Donald Trump

It spoke volumes when Fox News' Chris Wallace was more confrontational with Putin than Trump was during their summit.

Fox News Turns On Trump After Putin Press Conference Disaster

Fox News hosts are ripping Trump from throwing America under the bus by delivering a disgusting press conference with Putin.

Rachel Maddow Is Crushing Fox News With Viewers That Democrats Need To Get Out To The Polls

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is beating Fox News with the exact kind of viewers that Democrats need to get to the polls to be able to take back Congress in November.

Fox News Paints Jim Jordan As The Real Victim In Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

Fox News Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his Fox News allies made it sound like he was the real victim, not the six Ohio State wrestlers who told him that they were being abused as he turned a blind eye.

Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Rod Rosenstein And Hillary Clinton For His Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal In Fox News Freak Out

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) freaks out on Fox News and tries to blame Rod Rosenstein and Hillary Clinton for his wrestler sex abuse scandal.

MSNBC And CNN Are Now Giving Trump Virtually Nothing In Free Advertising

Trump ban MSNBC CNN

The cable news landscape has changed. MSNBC and CNN no longer give Trump and his rallies millions of dollars in free advertising.

Joy Reid Connects The Dots And Exposes The Dangerous Trump/Fox News Connection

Joy Reid

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Joy Reid put the pieces together and illustrated how the Trump/Fox News connection goes beyond friendly coverage and into the kind of state-run media that keep the dangerous Trump presidency hanging on.

Trump Hires Fox News Sexual Assault Enabler Bill Shine For His White House Staff

Trump has closed the circle on both his relationship with Fox News and sexual assault by hiring the Fox News boss who is accused of enabling covering up the sexual harassment and sexual assault culture at Fox.