EPA Report That Fracking Poisons Water Seals Its Fate

"EPA’s report confirms what experts and the science show: that fracking operations put our drinking water at risk. "

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Calls Trump’s Choice of Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA ‘Sad and Dangerous’

"Climate change denier Scott Pruitt has worked with fossil fuel companies to make us more dependent on fossil fuels."

6 years ago

President Obama Tackles Fracking With New Regulations

Methane emissions from fracking are the 'most significant near-term threat' of global warming.

6 years ago

Greedy Republicans Will Take Everything From Americans, Including Their Lives

It is nearly impossible to list everything Republicans have already indicated they will take from Americans given the opportunity

7 years ago

The Only Reason To Celebrate An American Losing Their Job Is When It Happens To A Racist

Blatant racism was on display last week in Pennsylvania and although it was disgusting and nothing to celebrate, the man…

7 years ago

Republicans Ramp Up The Koch Crusade And Inquisition Against Science

When NOAA published research using empirical data to refute GOP climate-change denial, Lamar Smith (R-TX) subpoenaed to the scientists

7 years ago

Republicans Protect and Serve The Industry That Really Harms and Damages the Unborn

A new study finds that expectant mothers living in active fracking areas are 40 percent more likely to give birth…

7 years ago

Ted Cruz Sells His Soul to Frackers for $15 Million

Ted Cruz just brought in the largest campaign contribution in the 2016 election cycle, from a pair of rich Texas…

7 years ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court Shocker: Earthquake Lawsuit Against Oil Industry Can Proceed

It was encouraging, then, that in a Republican-controlled state virtually owned by the oil industry, a High Court issued a…

7 years ago

Drought-Stricken California Farmers Buy Recycled Oil Wastewater For Irrigation

Before anyone praises the oil industry for making a profit from stealing irrigation water to process oil and then selling…

7 years ago

Democrats Celebrate Earth Day By Proposing The Strongest Anti-Fracking Bill In Congress

Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) know how to kick off Earth Day. As members of the…

7 years ago

State of Emergency – West Virginia Water Supply Poisoned Again

At a time when Republicans and their money-machine the Koch brothers are waging a ferocious battle to put a stop…

7 years ago

Disaster Warning: The Area Under The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Likely To Experience Earthquakes

The area geologists warned is likely to experience damaging earthquakes is situated under the proposed path of the KeystoneXL pipeline…

8 years ago

Winners and Losers From Last Night’s Off-Off Year Elections

There were many winners and losers (and one who won and lost) in last night's elections, but the biggest winner…

9 years ago

Fracking Debate May Get a Chance to Use Science As a Reason for a Ban

No other state that's allowed fracking has imposed a moratorium to study environmental and health effects. Can New York use…

10 years ago

The GOP’s Dystopian Dream of America’s Future

Why should the federal deficit scare us compared to an uninhabitable planet? Aren't mountains without tops more frightening than an…

10 years ago

Conservatism Looks More Like an Online MMORPG Every Day

You have to wonder the degree to which conservatives are even aware any more of reality as they indulge in…

10 years ago

Good God It’s Romney: How Some Rigged Voting Machines Could Beat Obama

With the endorsement of Republican 'Golden Boy' Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney has locked up the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Democrats…

10 years ago

Primary Preview: The Nutbag Express Rolls Into Michigan and Arizona

ALL ABOARD! The Nutbag Express will be making stops in Michigan and Arizona tonight as Republican voters take another step…

10 years ago

Gasland: Dick Cheney Poisons Your Drinking Water Too

Just in case you thought Dick Cheney's culpability for environmental destruction was limited to offshore drilling and the Gulf oil…

12 years ago