France Bans Use of Drug Trump Promoted as Coronavirus Treatment

France has banned the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Coronavirus. President Donald Trump heavily promoted the drug and…

3 years ago

France gets serious over sexual harassment after Weinstein scandal

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is forcing a rethink of attitudes toward sexual harassment in France, a country that cherishes its…

5 years ago

Iran Annihilates ‘Dictator’ Trump For Pulling U.S. Out Of Nuclear Agreement

Whether it's our allies in Europe or our adversaries in Iran, Russia, and North Korea, the United States has become…

5 years ago

Wanted: Barack Obama as President of France

"Barack Obama has completed his second term as President of the United States on January 21, why not hire him…

6 years ago

Donald Trump Tries To Make Another International Tragedy All About Him

Once again, the grandstanding Trump is exploiting a terrorist attack and stoking fears in order to score political points.

7 years ago

At Least 73 Feared Dead In France After Truck Crashes Into Bastille Day Celebration

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, called the attack "the worst tragedy in the history of Nice."

7 years ago

Oil Giant Pledges Major Shift To Renewable and Green Energy to Fight Climate Change

"Sierra Club welcomes Total’s new policy changes to meet the global climate accord and reduce its role in

7 years ago

Paul Krugman Gets It Right: Republicans Are Panicked, Stupid And Cruel

Paul Krugman noted that since Barack Obama was sworn in as President, Republicans and conservatives have done nothing but "warn…

7 years ago

Make No Mistake About It, George W Bush’s Iraq War Has Spread To France

It is incredibly ironic that the one American ally that vehemently protested and condemned Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq…

7 years ago

New Progressive Pope Embraces Old Conservative Vatican Bigotry

What the so-called more "Christ-like" Pope has not done is rescind any of the Church's archaic moral policies his predecessors…

8 years ago

Not Only The Great War But Our Perceptions of it Have Created Our Modern World

The Great War has cast a long shadow and we are living with its effects today, as much from the…

8 years ago

Hey Everybody, You’re Not for Free Speech if You Are Only for Your Own

The Pope said, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it" but mocks critics of…

8 years ago

America’s Reaction To 9/11 Played a Role In Paris Terror Attack

Of course down through the ages violent wars have been waged over imposition of a particular religion, but in modern…

8 years ago

Republican Congressman Compares Obama To Hitler For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally

If you were wondering how long it would take for a Republican to invoke Adolf Hitler in the made-for-Beltway-media controversy…

8 years ago

White Supremacist Group Places Racist Billboard Along Highway In Alabama

For the second time in less than two years, a billboard has gone up near Birmingham, Alabama, carrying a pro-white,…

8 years ago

Obama Attacked for Missing Unity Rally in Paris Sunday

Yesterday saw some 3.7 million people unite against terrorism in Paris and in various places around France in unity rallies.…

8 years ago

Fox News Still Falsely Claiming Muslim Leaders Have Been Silent On Charlie Hebdo Attack

While French law enforcement was engaged in standoffs with the terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack, ultimately killing three…

8 years ago

Fox News Contributor Says “Communist Mayor” Bill De Blasio Will Cause Terror Attack In NYC

During an appearance on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, retired US Air Force general and current Fox News contributor Tom…

8 years ago

Obama Condemns the Attack on Paris Magazine, Vows Assistance to Bring Terrorists to Justice

U.S. President Obama strongly condemned the attack on the satirical Paris newspaper that left at least 12 people dead. The…

8 years ago

While Talking About Right Wing Extremism in Europe, Let’s Not Forget Our Own

The mainstream media loves to talk about right wing extremism in Europe while ignoring our own, who are more a…

9 years ago

President Obama’s Big Gay Message to Vladimir Putin’s Sochi Olympics

It is difficult not to think back to Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and what his triumph said…

9 years ago

NSA Taking a Lot of Heat, So Deserved, But There’s a Lot More to the Story

A lot has been written and broadcast about the National Security Agencies' surveillance of allies. In fact, the "allies" knew…

9 years ago

Obama’s Decision to Get Congressional Approval Gives Sanity a Chance

War should be a matter for sober reflection, not knee-jerk reactions, and the president should be praised for opening the…

9 years ago

Austerity Isn’t Working So Republicans Call for More Economic Failure

Republicans however, being true conservatives, are pushing for more austerity in spite of the devastation it is causing in both…

10 years ago

Gay Marriage Has Created a Rift Between the Religious Right and the Republican Party

Support from religious conservatives is in jeopardy as Republicans are accepting the idea the gay community deserves the same right…

10 years ago

Ann Romney Jokes Mitt Was So Hurt by Her Dating Other Boys it Put Him in the Hospital

Mrs. Romney said on The View today that Mitt ended up in the hospital in France because she was back…

10 years ago

Every Day Across Our Nation GOP Healthcare Hunger Games are Killing People

Meet some of the real life victims of health care politics in the 'conservative republic' of America, where only the…

11 years ago