Frank Figliuzzi

Frank Figliuzzi Connects The Rittenhouse Verdict And 1/6

Frank Figliuzzi connects the mentality that led Trump supporters to attack the Capitol to the Rittenhouse verdict.

1 year ago

Frank Figliuzzi: I Don’t Think Tucker Carlson’s Whistleblower Exists, But if They Do, They’re Getting Arrested [Video]

Tucker Carlson has always been one of the more extreme anchors on Fox News. But since Donald Trump lost the…

2 years ago

Frank Figliuzzi: Fox Is Pushing FBI Insurrection Conspiracy Theory To Protect GOP Lawmakers Who May Be Involved

In the days after the January insurrection, few Conservative lawmakers or media members were willing to defend the rioters. As…

2 years ago

Frank Figliuzzi: The GOP and Vladimir Putin Are Pushing the Exact Same Message on 1/6 Insurrection

Joe Biden has spent the last week on the first major foreign visit of his presidency. The reviews, so far,…

2 years ago

WATCH: Former FBI Agent Figliuzzi Says Trump is Now Essentially Working for China and Russia

Donald Trump hit the stage again this weekend, speaking at a North Carolina GOP event. The speech featured a litany…

2 years ago

Frank Figliuzzi: We Haven’t Heard From Capitol Police Because Their Story is Too Painful

On January 6th of this year, a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol and overwhelmed the police…

2 years ago

Watch: Frank Figliuzzi Tells Nicolle Wallace, We Better Plan for an “Involuntary Extraction of This President”

This was a near unbelievable day in Washington DC. After reinforcements from a number of states arrived, though, the Capitol…

2 years ago

WATCH: Former FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi Calls Flynn Pardon Another Obstruction of Justice

Donald Trump has quite a day on Wednesday. After deciding not to attend a meeting of Republicans in Gettysburg, PA,…

2 years ago

Trump Is Compromised And Is Now Owned By The President Of Ukraine

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC that Trump is now owned by the president of Ukraine who can reveal at any…

4 years ago