Frank Luntz

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Republicans Are Sick of Trump’s Election Lies

Frank Luntz, the prominent Republican communications consultant and pollster, says members of the Republican Party are sick of former President…

2 months ago

Conspiracy Theorists Taylor Greene and Carlson Push Idea That Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are Lovers

Tucker Carlson has gone completely off the rails over the last few months. The Fox host was always controversial, but…

1 year ago

WATCH: GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Next 48 Hours Will Be Among the Worst For the Republican Party

The polls weren't great this past election season. If they were more accurate, tonight's special election in Georgia would not…

1 year ago

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says a Biden Presidency Depends on Him Winning Just One of a Trio of Key States

Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster and political strategist, says a Joe Biden presidency depends on him winning just one of…

2 years ago

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Explains Why Trump is Running “The Worst Campaign I’ve Ever Seen”

GOP pollster Frank Luntz knows plenty about elections. Luntz first came into prominence working for Pat Buchanan's 1992 campaign and…

2 years ago

Republican Pollster Fails to Explain What the Party Stands for: “There Is No Consistent Philosophy”

A longtime Republican pollster struggled to explain what the party stands for under Donald Trump in a recent interview. Frank…

2 years ago

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Michigan and Pennsylvania Firmly In Clinton Column

This is the kind of happy talk that one may expect from Democrats – not a prominent Republican pollster.

6 years ago

Trump Roundly Mocked by Media for His Litigation-Heavy ‘Gettysburg Address’

"Dear American voters, In my first 100 days I will bring lawsuits against those who have criticized me. Best, Donald…

6 years ago

After Strong Iowa Debate GOP Pollster Warns That Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Easy to Beat

Frank Luntz, the guy who crafts talking points for Republicans and does polls, has a warning for Republican candidates after…

7 years ago

Big News For Democrats As Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson By 8 In GOP Poll

In Wisconsin, the situation has gotten so bad for the Republicans that they actually consider being down by 8 points…

7 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – The Midterm Election Edition

The recent midterm elections has Fox "News" as giddy as Sarah Palin in front of a microphone.

8 years ago

GOP Strategist Behind Republican Obstruction Of Obama Now Laughably Calling For Compromise

Republican strategist Frank Luntz said that after winning the Senate majority, Republicans should work with Democrats and President Obama to…

8 years ago

The Tea Party Deploys Rand Paul to Sabotage the Republican SOTU Makeover

Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) Tea Party State of the Union response will follow Sen. Marco Rubio's Republican SOTU response. This…

9 years ago

Even Frank Luntz Can’t Put the Broken Republican Message Machine Back Together Again

Republican spin master Frank Luntz thinks the Republican Party can fix its public image by using better language to connect…

9 years ago

The Republican Platform Aims at a Time Before the Constitution

Republicans don’t want to take back our country; they want to take our country back, back to a time before…

10 years ago