Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms: A Political Compass in the Age of Trump

Recalling Roosevelt’s four freedoms helps us realize exactly the damage Trump is doing but also helps us keep our eyes on the prize of what we need to correct, restore, and achieve to enjoy Roosevelt’s ideals of freedom.

Republicans Demand America’s 1920s Government Be Put Back In Place

Republicans want a government like that of the 1920s when the rich were given free rein to economically rape the American people

Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor

scott walker emails

Democrats expected Walker to eliminate the state's 'prevailing wage' law requiring workers on public projects to be paid the established going rate for their labor. Instead of eliminating prevailing wage laws, Koch-Republicans' decided to eliminate weekends and impose a 'voluntary' 7-day work week.

Kansas’ Kobach Warns Immigration Action Leads To Ethnic Cleansing and Socialism

According to one angry racist Republican, the start of ethnic cleansing is when an African American President takes executive action on immigration enforcement to create a Socialism-loving brown population.

Republican Budget Cuts Are Literally Causing People to Freeze to Death In the Streets

As tragic as the number of Americans freezing to death is, it is the number of Americans who are homeless that should shame politicians, but Republicans are incapable of being shamed.