FBI Investigating George Santos’ Alleged Theft from Veteran’s Dying Dog

FBI agents are investigating Rep. George Santos’ role in the alleged fraud of a disabled Navy veteran's GoFundMe for his…

4 months ago

Trump Could Be Facing Fraud Charges After 1/6 Committee Exposes Fundraising Scheme

One of the biggest revelations in the second 1/6 Committee hearing was the uncovering of what sounds like criminal fraud…

12 months ago

Donald Trump’s Requested Milwaukee Recount Has Resulted in Even More Votes For Joe Biden

The state of Wisconsin has been the tightest during the last two presidential elections. In 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary…

3 years ago

Bill Barr Helps Trump Rig Election With False Mail-In Voting Fraud Claim

Attorney General William Barr falsely claimed that mail-in voting is fraud during a sometimes contentious interview on CNN.

3 years ago

Trump Launches Sexist Attack On AOC

Since she was elected to Congress in 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a subject of fascination for Republicans. Much of…

3 years ago

Trump Has A Friday Night Meltdown And Tries To Sue Adam Schiff For Fraud

Trump is spending his Friday night melting down and trying to sue House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for fraud.

4 years ago

Trump Again Revealed As A Fraud After Breaking $25,000 Promise To Gold Star Father

One thing this week has confirmed beyond any doubt: Donald Trump is a complete fraud who has no business being…

6 years ago

Still Reeling: Blockbuster Hit or Disturbing Documentary

If only this were a movie and not a metastasizing reality threatening the deepest values of our democracy, the welfare…

7 years ago

Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud, and Racketeering at Bain

Public records, FEC and SEC filings show that Mitt Romney profited from corruption, fraud, and racketeering (RICO) as head of…

11 years ago