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Biker Thugs Converge On Arizona Mosque Armed Looking For War

Biker Thugs Converge On Arizona Mosque Armed Looking For War

But now, the Texas-size extremism is spreading to Arizona and it includes Texas-style armed biker thugs, conspiracy theorists, and anti-Muslim…

9 years ago

Texas Protesters To American Muslim Group: “Go Home And Take Obama With You”

Over the weekend, a protest formed at a conference in Texas held by a Muslim group titled "Stand With the…

9 years ago

Hey Everybody, You’re Not for Free Speech if You Are Only for Your Own

The Pope said, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it" but mocks critics of…

9 years ago

America’s Reaction To 9/11 Played a Role In Paris Terror Attack

Of course down through the ages violent wars have been waged over imposition of a particular religion, but in modern…

9 years ago

A&E’s Decision to Suspend Phil Robertson Is Not a Freedom of Speech Issue

Whether or not one is inclined towards intellectual masochism by watching A&E's "Duck Dynasty," the decision to suspend one of…

10 years ago

The Demographics of Progress and the Demise of the America of Conservative Dreams

The numbers don't lie: they didn't lie on Election Night, and they do not lie in the longer run when…

12 years ago