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The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Abolishing Anti-Discrimination Laws

One would think most Americans support the 14th Amendment's prohibition of unequal treatment under the law unflinchingly. Unfortunately, the religious…

8 years ago

The Hobby Lobby Ruling Is Trojan Horse For All Businesses and Corporations

The Trojan Horse in the Hobby Lobby ruling is a term, closely held corporation, that created an opening for nearly…

8 years ago

Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Whether most Americans realize it or not, they have been spectators, victims, and often combatants in a sectarian religious war…

8 years ago

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Declares War on the U.S. Constitution

Dan Forest told the Faith and Freedom Coalition this weekend, "America is at a great crossroads where it must decide…

8 years ago

The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not a Religion, Neither is Christianity

David Barton presents a geo-political Christianity Rev. Jody Hice says Muslims can't have, meaning Barton's Christianity is not a religion

8 years ago

Ted Cruz Violates The First Amendment With Anti-Gay Marriage Senate Bill

Besides wasting taxpayer time, money, and violating the First Amendment's prohibition that Congress shall "make no law respecting the establishment…

8 years ago

Kansas Republicans Violate The Constitution By Passing Anti-Gay Segregation Law

The Kansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a piece of legislation crafted to legalize anti-gay segregation under the guise…

8 years ago

Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Allow Them To Break Any Law

If Arizona Republicans are successful a new bill will give any Arizonan the right to break any law with impunity…

8 years ago

The Supreme Court Joins The Right Wing Attempt to Replace the Constitution With the Bible

The Supreme Court is likely not done facilitating theocratic tyranny or disabusing the people from their 1st and 14th Amendment…

8 years ago

Let’s Reflect – Because They Won’t – on 2013’s Conservative Hategasm

They want to put Bibles in schools but not actually read the damn things, and they want us to recite…

8 years ago

The Religious Right Is Counting On the Courts To Help Them Achieve Their Tyrannical Goals

Right wing Christians define their right to practice religion as forcing compliance of their beliefs on the rest of the…

8 years ago

‘Christian’ Conservatives Abuse The Judicial System In Their Latest Battle Against The ACA

Conservative Christian business owners are appealing to other conservative Christians on the Supreme Court to grant them religious immunity from…

8 years ago

While Persecuting Everyone Else, the Religious Right Cries Persecution

Obama administration is the "modern-day equivalent" of ancient Rome, where each citizen is made to worship Caesar with progressivism.

8 years ago

Evangelical Corporations Try To Force Their Employees To Follow Their Religious Beliefs

At issue is whether a secular corporation with no business relationship or involvement in a religion can be considered religious…

8 years ago

The Demographics of Progress and the Demise of the America of Conservative Dreams

The numbers don't lie: they didn't lie on Election Night, and they do not lie in the longer run when…

9 years ago

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