This Genius New Clinton Fundraising Tool Is Certain To Empty Your Bank Account

Clinton campaign fundraising tool

The new tool automatically donates money to Hillary Clinton's campaign whenever Donald Trump tweets something outrageous.

The Kochs Worst Nightmares Come True As Bernie Sanders Smashes Fundraising Records

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders announced that they have set a new all-time record with more than 2.5 million donations from more than a million Americans in 2015.

The Crazier He Sounds, The Less Money Mike Huckabee Gets

Mike Huckabee has dug his way into a hole only an extremist can dig, and he may not be able to get out of it as his campaign bleeds money

Bernie Sanders Transforms American Politics By Raising More Money Than All GOP Candidates

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) third quarter fundraising haul was more than every single candidate in the 2016 Republican field.

GOP Donors Preferred The Dumbed Down 2012 Rick Perry To The New Improved Rick Perry

Rick Perry raised just 1.07 million dollars in the 2nd quarter of 2015. In 2012, he raised 17 million during his 1st quarter of fundraising.

Thanks To John Boehner and Sarah Palin Democrats Are Crushing Republicans In Fundraising

Thanks to John Boehner's lawsuit and Sarah Palin beating of the impeachment drums, Democrats had their July in history and are crushing Republicans in 2014 fundraising.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Shows What A Democrat Has To Do to Win in the South

Elizabeth Colbert Busch had to try to appeal to Democrats, Republicans and Independents in her Monday night debate with Mark Sanford.

An Old Foe Is Returning in 2014, and He Could Defeat Nikki Haley

In all likelihood the 2014 South Carolina Governor's race is going to be a replay of the 2010 race, not good news for incumbent Nikki Haley

Chris Christie Sells Himself as a Moderate, but That’s Not Even Close to True

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and presidential hopeful has been casting himself as a jolly moderate. I invite you to check the record.

In spite of huge Republican money and relentless attack ads it’s Obama

Incredible amounts of money were spent on the 2012 General Election. And lots of that money was wasted when expensive attack ads didn't work

Predictions for the Presidential and Congressional races for 2012

How Michele Bachmann Profited off her Islamophobic McCarthyism

Michele Bachmann was spanked by her party leadership but got herself appointed to an Islamophobic law center and hauled in a cool million

In the Name of Big Oil the Republican House is Savaging Regulations and the Environment

There are a spate of new bills in the house that were probably written by the oil companies. Everything Exxon wants, Exxon gets

Scott Walker Hopes Sucking Koch Will Save Him From Recall Doom

Scott Walker is outspending his opponent, Tom Barrett 10-1. The big boys have made their position clear in the recall election, but will Koch whoring trump the will of the people?

Meet the Two Other Court Cases Besides Citizens United that Stole Our Democracy

Three court cases and FEC complicity have left campaign financing in a high-dollar frenzy with the victor getting the spoils of a billion dollar election.

Corporate Sugar Daddies Shower Their Kept Candidates with Money

Have you ever wondered why most polls reflect a decidedly liberal issue tilt and yet state and national elections fill seats with Republicans, and rather radical ones at that?

African Americans Will Be Critical to the 2012 Election, but None Will Be Elected to the Senate

President Obama looks like he's going to be re-elected, no African Americans will be elected to the Senate in 2012, but their support will be critical in Senate elections across the country.

Buddy Roemer: The Best Republican Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of

He's a former governor and U. S. Congressman, and—unlike his competitors for the Republican Presidential nomination—an eminently sensible man. Chances are good you may never have heard of him, and even better that you had no idea he is running for President, but populist firebrand Buddy Roemer soldiers on undaunted.

The Rise of American Fundamentalism 2004-2005

President George W. Bush, toward the end of his first term and into his second, continued to push a theocratic agenda for America